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Hi all i am a57 year old kid that has always had a fasination with the sky and all it magic but never done anythink about it untill recently.So i bought myself a skywatcher explorer 130 m telescope with an EQ2 mount with a motor drive,my problem is that i dont realy understand how to set the eq2 mount properly ?. are there any video tutorials i can watch,the main thing i want to do ...
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General Advice

OK, I'll be adding to this but here it is for starters:

Also if anyone has any good advice or specific recommendations, I'll add them with acknowledgements.
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Whats NASA upto then?

NASA Announces Televised Chandra News Conference dra X-ray Observatory's discovery of an exceptional object in our cosmic neighborhood.

Anybody got any ideas what it could be?

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Back burner for now. But ...

We get so many requests for advice on buying 'scopes that I want to create a new webpage. If anyone would like to contribute any advice to it or recommendations on telescopes they have bought, I will include it with acknowledgements.

No financial rewards (nor for me either) but just satisfaction from helping a fellow astronomer or several.

I'll also include any book recommendations but not make any of my own.
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I Bought A Telescope... and People Say It's Useless

I bought a telescope from Aldi, it's a Optus Reflector. People say it's rubbish, but when I used it, it wasn't that bad. The moon I can see pretty well. Is this telescope good as a beginner's scope?
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silly question

hey, if there was nothing before the big bang, then why did the big bang happen, what made it happen? :D this question doesnt let me sleep :D (if it doesnt make any sence, then dont answer :D) Thanks!
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2010 Fermi Telescope Finds Giant Structure in the Milky Way

I am not sure where to post this.........hope you all find it as interesting as i did

Lots of great things happening up there these days

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Exposure time?

I was going to try my hand at astro-imaging and i was wondering whats the best exposure time to image the moon?
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Can A Terrestrial Planet Have A Ring?

Never really thought about this untill today but is it possible for a terrestrial planet to have a ring around it like the gas planets do?
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Galaxy magnitudes

Looking at Telrad Finder charts I see that as well as magnitude they show surface brightness. Thus M31, Andromeda, has a magnitude of 4.3 and a surface brightness of 12.6 mag/sq arcmin, whilst M33, the Pinwheel, is magnitude 6.2 and surface brightness of 13.8 mag/sq arcmin.

With DSO's is the surface brightness a truer reflection of ease of viewing rather than Magnitude, or is it that plus size?
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