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Back burner for now. But ...

We get so many requests for advice on buying 'scopes that I want to create a new webpage. If anyone would like to contribute any advice to it or recommendations on telescopes they have bought, I will include it with acknowledgements.

No financial rewards (nor for me either) but just satisfaction from helping a fellow astronomer or several.

I'll also include any book recommendations but not make any of my own.
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I Bought A Telescope... and People Say It's Useless

I bought a telescope from Aldi, it's a Optus Reflector. People say it's rubbish, but when I used it, it wasn't that bad. The moon I can see pretty well. Is this telescope good as a beginner's scope?
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silly question

hey, if there was nothing before the big bang, then why did the big bang happen, what made it happen? :D this question doesnt let me sleep :D (if it doesnt make any sence, then dont answer :D) Thanks!
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2010 Fermi Telescope Finds Giant Structure in the Milky Way

I am not sure where to post this.........hope you all find it as interesting as i did

Lots of great things happening up there these days

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Exposure time?

I was going to try my hand at astro-imaging and i was wondering whats the best exposure time to image the moon?
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Can A Terrestrial Planet Have A Ring?

Never really thought about this untill today but is it possible for a terrestrial planet to have a ring around it like the gas planets do?
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Galaxy magnitudes

Looking at Telrad Finder charts I see that as well as magnitude they show surface brightness. Thus M31, Andromeda, has a magnitude of 4.3 and a surface brightness of 12.6 mag/sq arcmin, whilst M33, the Pinwheel, is magnitude 6.2 and surface brightness of 13.8 mag/sq arcmin.

With DSO's is the surface brightness a truer reflection of ease of viewing rather than Magnitude, or is it that plus size?
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Buying a telescope

hi, i've been thinking of buying this telscope for a long time: Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ-MD (i'm begginer) ,would it be good for moon/ planet watch? and for some nebulae & galaxies (or maybe some clusters) ? thanks for reply!
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question about Betelgeuse

Does anybody have any idea when it will go Supernova?

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Winter draws on!

Now that winter is coming, has anyone any advice about warm clothing?
i.e, Coats that you have that you would never part with, boots that keep your feet snug and warm.
I've found that the best viewing is done on those cold, crisp, clear nights but I'm getting on a bit now (63) and tend to feel the cold a lot more than I used to!

Cheers, Layor
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