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looking for debris on the moon

when looking at the moon the last time i got my telescope out ,i thought crossed my mind.
Is there a telescope on earth powerfull enough to focus on the moon and pick out eny of the apollo landings debris.
such as the moon buggy or other things ... kryton
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Comets & Perseus

Hi, Thinking back to some of the brighter comets we have had in the last 15 years (northern Hemisphere)
Hyakutake, Hale-Bopp, Holmes and now Hartley 2 they have seemed to to pass through or close to the Perseus region of sky. Am I being selective in my choice of Comets or is there something special about this area? thanks in advance.
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Newbie - Just purchased my scope, now what???

OK, I have always wanted to get a decent enough telescope to do the job just never could afford one. Family life and low paying job kept priorities elsewhere. Based on everything I have read thru many forums, I decided to buy the Sky Watcher 130P as my first jump into the life, plus hopefully if can give enough of a nudge to my sons to divert their interests.

We spent a few hours last ...
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hey all,
Looking into having a dabble in astro photography, and have been looking at this mount.

I know an EQ mount would be more suitable but would this track well enough for basics?
Also would my scope fit onto it, sky watcher explorer, the 900mm version.

Thanks in advance, Nathan Foster
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Webcam and Binoviewer

I was just wondering if would be a feasable setup to use a bino viewer in the following combinations. Webcam in one eypiece socket and lens in the other. I'm thinking of this so I can set up an objet using the lens system and then view it on my laptop with friends. Since I have some friends who would like to share but due to age or clumseyness LOL. Knock the alignment when ever ...
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Anyone Looked At Siruis B

or is it to close to Siruis A that only larger telescopes can see the white dwarf.
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Mind boggling distances!

Trying to get my head around the size of the universe is truly mind boggling! I am dyslexic so mathematics dont really help me understand it very much I need to have some strong visual references. Stephen Hawkins said on his Hawkins universe series that a train going around the earth at nearly the speed of light could go around the earth 7 times in a second. Now that does help to kind of visualize ...
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barlow lenses

hi all.
anybody got any good advise on barlow lenses? i looking to buy a couple of good quallity ones for astrophotography.
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New telescope

I have just been given a Bresser Messier N-130 and would like to try astrophotograhy, any advice on what equipment I should be looking at buying would be appreciated. Thanks.
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GOTO system

Maybe an obvious answer to this but if I bought a Skywatcher GOTO system how accurate would I need to Polar align before I could use the tracking system?
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