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barlow lenses

hi all.
anybody got any good advise on barlow lenses? i looking to buy a couple of good quallity ones for astrophotography.
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New telescope

I have just been given a Bresser Messier N-130 and would like to try astrophotograhy, any advice on what equipment I should be looking at buying would be appreciated. Thanks.
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GOTO system

Maybe an obvious answer to this but if I bought a Skywatcher GOTO system how accurate would I need to Polar align before I could use the tracking system?
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Worth upgrading? Y/N

I currently own a Meade ETX125PE and for the near 2 years I have had it I am happy with what I can see with it. I am not that impressed with the quality, and even less impressed with the service I got from SnS (but thats another story)...
Would it be "wise money" to upgrade to a Celestron CPC 800 XLT Telescope? Price seems to range about £1295 - £1595.

I have done ...
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jupiter and uranus conjuction

this months S@n said that there would be a jupiter and uranus conjuction and this has happend but what I need to know is will this continue till the end of the month or has gone
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Moons Go Round Planets

Planets go round Suns,The Sun in the Orion Arm goes round the Milky Way,could the Local Group of Galaxies go around anything Cosmic Strings??,and could even Universes circle some incredible massive body which goes beyond our comprehension.
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Comet Filter

Hi all,

Lumicon make a comet filter to help one "see the gaseous tail to its full extent'

Do they really work for visual observing, or is it really just an astrophotography accessory instead?

Have you come across these?

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How can gravity over power the strong and weak nuclear forces?

When black holes or neutron stars are formed, am i right in thinking the elecrons are forced into the nucleus? How is this possible, I was thinking the more mass an object had would mean the number of particles it contained would also increase- would the nuclear forces not increase too and resist the gravity as more and more particles were added?

It hurts to be a curious layperson!!! HELP!

cheers guys!
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could you see stars if you were standing on the moon?

Sorry if this is really obvious and/or been asked too many times but........ Is it possible to see the stars whilst standing on the illuminated surface of the moon?....I thought as we are looking at sunlight bouncing off it that it must be daytime on the surface and too bright to see the much dimmer stars? Would it mean you cant see any stars at all unless you were in a position that was shaded ...
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Object on Video

Could someone tell me what this object might be that is striking the surface of the moon?

Here is the video, I shot it a few weeks back.
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