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Absolute Zero - Why?

Why is there an absolute zero and how do we know it's accurate? Is there a maximum temperature limit and if not why not?

Please keep solutions as simple as possible, thanks!
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Skywatcher Explorer v Dobsonian

The Skywatcher Explorer 200P has a EQ5 mount at £375 and the Skywatcher Explorer 150 PL with a EQ3-2 mount at £245 versus the Dobsonian 8" Skywatcher Skyliner 200P at £275 and the 10" Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX at £395.

What are the pros and cons of the first 2 telescopes against the latter 2 telescopes Thanks.
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A question or three about eyepieces

Hi there
I've read about eyepieces a bit and i'd like to ask you what you think about the Baader Hyperion Zoom Mark III, do you like it?
Would you recommend it as a first eyepiece buy or do you think i'm better off with some regular EP's and a better barlow than the supplied one?
The scope came with a 25mm, 10mm and a 2x barlow (they're called "super") and i've read that the ...
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hi all, a mate of mine wants to know if the the planetary alinment 2012 will have any effect on the earth?
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The usual question... please don't hate me! =)

Dear Sky watchers,

I am sorry to come with the same question as many others... but I couldn't find an answer in previous posts, so... there you go =)

I want to gift my wife a telescope for her b-day, she's' really passionate about the sky, but at the same time not a real expert and tends to get lost when looking at maps, therefore my preference goes to a computerized option rather than greater ...
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Noob astrophotography question

I have just started to take an interest in astrophotography and have bought a T-ring and T-adapter to link my Canon D1000 to my Skywatcher telescope. I have started to have a play around with the kit having read up a bit on the subject but what I find confusing is when people talk about setting the aperture on the camera - obviously the lower F-stop meaning more light comes into the camera. As soon ...
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Amateur Astronomer wanting to confirm some obs

Hello. Just wanted to ask about the ISS can i confirm if anyone saw it around 9.30pm (i'm in manchester) also using my 127 skywatcher using a 2x barlow lens and 25mm was able to see a good view of Jupiter and the NEB. Still could not see the SEB but i think i was able to just pick up the great red spot, my first time ive seen it, can any one confirm It ...
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Thinking about buying a telescope

Hello, I was wondering that would it be a good idea to buy a telescope since i live in a estate :( ? I am quite new to astronomy but i'd love to watch some nebulas, galaxys etc :O and if you want to check out the place where i live then type this in Google Maps : Cavan, Ireland ... zoom it in, and look for Swellan ... I live just above that lake ...
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getting a refractor telescope

hi all

at the moment I have a celestron power seeker model reflector but I am thinking of
buying a refractor as well is it worth it
please help
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Starter Telescope

Hi hope you can help i am a beginer to astronamy and at the moment we have borowed a cheap jessops 60mm refractor but we want to buy a telescope now that is better we have a budget of £150-£250 so was just wondering if any one had any sucjestions.
Hope you can help
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