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Noob astrophotography question

I have just started to take an interest in astrophotography and have bought a T-ring and T-adapter to link my Canon D1000 to my Skywatcher telescope. I have started to have a play around with the kit having read up a bit on the subject but what I find confusing is when people talk about setting the aperture on the camera - obviously the lower F-stop meaning more light comes into the camera. As soon ...
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Amateur Astronomer wanting to confirm some obs

Hello. Just wanted to ask about the ISS can i confirm if anyone saw it around 9.30pm (i'm in manchester) also using my 127 skywatcher using a 2x barlow lens and 25mm was able to see a good view of Jupiter and the NEB. Still could not see the SEB but i think i was able to just pick up the great red spot, my first time ive seen it, can any one confirm It ...
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Thinking about buying a telescope

Hello, I was wondering that would it be a good idea to buy a telescope since i live in a estate :( ? I am quite new to astronomy but i'd love to watch some nebulas, galaxys etc :O and if you want to check out the place where i live then type this in Google Maps : Cavan, Ireland ... zoom it in, and look for Swellan ... I live just above that lake ...
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getting a refractor telescope

hi all

at the moment I have a celestron power seeker model reflector but I am thinking of
buying a refractor as well is it worth it
please help
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Starter Telescope

Hi hope you can help i am a beginer to astronamy and at the moment we have borowed a cheap jessops 60mm refractor but we want to buy a telescope now that is better we have a budget of £150-£250 so was just wondering if any one had any sucjestions.
Hope you can help
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White Jupiter

Hi all, good day to you.

Newby question. I have Helios 6 inch reflector. When I point it at Jupiter which is bright in the night sky at the moment all I see is a white disc with the smaller white moons around it. Question is should I be seeing some of the detail on the planet eg the coloured stripes or even the spot? I have used various sizes of eye piece from 5mm ...
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Beginner/Telescope/observation of the moon

hi there,

ive wanted to buy a telescope for a long while now and ive a budget of 750 for this.

ive been watching some youtube videos of close ups of the moon- something im very interested in. What equipt would i need for fotos and video imaging? im a novice in all areas so forgive me if im already getting on your nerves!

was looking at a nex star 6 for the scope, but ...
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Expanding Universe

Ok here is my question(s):-
We observe that the universe is expanding by checking the red shift on the most distant object we can find. These objects are million/billions of light years away and therefor million/billions of years old, so the redshift that we are looking at is extreamly old. How do we know that the object (or the objects that have since been made of it's embers) are still moving at that same approximate ...
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New Telescope for Beginner


I slightly confused about what telescope to get , my budget is around £700, does anyone have any suggestions please?


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tasco telescopes

Hi all
I know this question is so silly but this is what this part of the fourm is for.
I have heard a lot people say that tasco telescopes are bad and should not
be brought I am not sure.

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