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Sidereal Time

What date and time is Sidereal time exactly the same as normal time and is it the same every year.
I can see at the time I am writing this the Sidereal time is 20-56 and actual time is 22-15
thanks Paul
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Planck Time And Planck Era

Have they made any headway on the planck time 10- 43 after the bang bang and are they any closer to bringing gravity into the fold to explain this.
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What Aperture Would You Need

to look at asteroids,or to look at pluto and can you see anything in the kuiper belt or the oort cloud or are the objects so small that only the bigger telescopes can venture.
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Absolute Zero - Why?

Why is there an absolute zero and how do we know it's accurate? Is there a maximum temperature limit and if not why not?

Please keep solutions as simple as possible, thanks!
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Skywatcher Explorer v Dobsonian

The Skywatcher Explorer 200P has a EQ5 mount at £375 and the Skywatcher Explorer 150 PL with a EQ3-2 mount at £245 versus the Dobsonian 8" Skywatcher Skyliner 200P at £275 and the 10" Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX at £395.

What are the pros and cons of the first 2 telescopes against the latter 2 telescopes Thanks.
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A question or three about eyepieces

Hi there
I've read about eyepieces a bit and i'd like to ask you what you think about the Baader Hyperion Zoom Mark III, do you like it?
Would you recommend it as a first eyepiece buy or do you think i'm better off with some regular EP's and a better barlow than the supplied one?
The scope came with a 25mm, 10mm and a 2x barlow (they're called "super") and i've read that the ...
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hi all, a mate of mine wants to know if the the planetary alinment 2012 will have any effect on the earth?
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The usual question... please don't hate me! =)

Dear Sky watchers,

I am sorry to come with the same question as many others... but I couldn't find an answer in previous posts, so... there you go =)

I want to gift my wife a telescope for her b-day, she's' really passionate about the sky, but at the same time not a real expert and tends to get lost when looking at maps, therefore my preference goes to a computerized option rather than greater ...
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Noob astrophotography question

I have just started to take an interest in astrophotography and have bought a T-ring and T-adapter to link my Canon D1000 to my Skywatcher telescope. I have started to have a play around with the kit having read up a bit on the subject but what I find confusing is when people talk about setting the aperture on the camera - obviously the lower F-stop meaning more light comes into the camera. As soon ...
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Amateur Astronomer wanting to confirm some obs

Hello. Just wanted to ask about the ISS can i confirm if anyone saw it around 9.30pm (i'm in manchester) also using my 127 skywatcher using a 2x barlow lens and 25mm was able to see a good view of Jupiter and the NEB. Still could not see the SEB but i think i was able to just pick up the great red spot, my first time ive seen it, can any one confirm It ...
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