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Advice on best dew control system please

At last we had a clear night in SW, which offered a great night of viewing - but the tempertaure dropped a lot by midnight and I had non-stop problems with dew. It really hampered the viewing, I had to keep continously gently wipe the eyepiece with soft tissue. I have a large dew shield on the end of the scope (Celestron CPC800) and this seemed to work fine, but the eyepiece was the problem ...
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Dark Matter

From my limited understanding of what makes light, it appears that light is both a wave and a particle; if this is so then I would imagine that all these particles of light have a mass. When all this mass of light particles is added together, over a vast amount of time, this must amount to a substantial weight (mass).

Ironically, one of the reasons that light may appear as Dark Matter is because only ...
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Newbie imaging question

A complete newcomer.
From what I have read in various publications and on the web, the eyepiece supplies the magnification.
What happens when you connect a dslr or ccd web cam direct to the telescope (minus the eyepiece)? Niether the dslr or webcam have len's and the telescope has no eyepiece, so where does the magnification come from? Apologies if this is a stupid question and I have missed something out by the way.
Cheers ...
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8- > 10 or 8 -> 12?

Do you think it is worth going from an 8" to a 10" reflector. I know that going from the 130p to the 200p was an awsome leap in visual terms and im wondering if going fro 200 to 250 would be a similar leap in viual capability.

Or should I go from 8" to 12"?

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new telescope

Hello Everyone,

I recently purchased by first scope 2nd hand a skywatcher 1145pm. Now I am rather clueless and the instructions are typical chinese so mean nothing to me and they also apply to more than 1 model.

Im not convinved that the mount dials are setup correctly, in the correct positions.

So currently doing the point and shoot method!

Although I'm yet to see anything but dots!

Any help/advice would be appreciated.
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Strange Lights

I looked out of my landing window tonight and i see 3 very bright looking lights in the sky they were in the East. They where kinda Orange in colour and in a line.......has anybody got any idea what they could have been? I couldn't take pictures i have no digi cam,

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Does a black hole/singularity have an infinite mass/density?....
was thinking that if so , then only one black hole with an infinitely dense singularity(infinite mass) would alone account for all dark matter/energy by itself by nature of this infinite density/mass , never mind all the other black holes that exist supermassive or not..the dark matter/energy that is being speculated upon seems to have a finite figure/quantity even if it is 90 odd percent more than ...
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Question of size

Most or some magazine articles say that a 6" scope or larger will show a particular deep sky object well.

The problem however is this... is that 6" Refractor or 6" Reflector?
Is there a conversion to step down or up for Refractors as most articles seem to be based on reflector size. Or is it best to take as written the size regardless of telescope type?

Thank you

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Dew cap/shield

I wonder if someone could tell me what the best material to make a dew cap for a Skymax 127 would be. Thanks in advance!
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sun size

Hi all,
newbie here so forgive me if this is truly a silly question.
Reading the article about the impossible star I find it hard to come to terms with how a star can become so large,
I thought that when the gas and dust start collapsing under gravity to the point when the nuclear furnace switches on would be
similar throughout the universe ( ie a critical point ) therefore stars would all be ...
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