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Getting Focused

Good evening all, very newbie question for my first post!

Tonight was my first night out with my new Bresser Messier NT150L. The night sky has always been a passion and my wife bought this telescope for my birthday in recognition of that, needless to say I'm absolutely thrilled.

With recent weather I wasn't expecting much but after stepping out into the garden, I quickly located the Orion Nebula and I got to observe the ...
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Creation of elements heavier than Iron

Does the recent discovery that elements heavier than Iron are created when two neutron stars collide mean that the earlier belief that heavy elements are created in a supernova explosion is wrong, or do both process lead to the creation of elements heavier than iron?

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Celestron Astro Fi 127mm WiFi SCT or Celestron Nexstar 4SE

Im wanting to purchase my first telescope and stuck on which route to take. Im looking to spend around $1000. The 2 im tossing up between are both Celestrons, either the Astro Fi 127 127mm wifi sct or the Nexstar 4SE.
Does anyone have any advice or another telescope that i should be looking at?
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Goto Mount For Use In Singapore

Hi guys! Can anyone tell me which goto mounts will work in Singapore? It's latitude is only 1.35 N and is beyond the range of the NEQ6(as far as I can see). Is there a similar mount that will operate there or can the NEQ6 be adapted?

All help appreciated, thanks!
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What the LT prefix signifies on some Celestron telescopes

I'm wondering what the difference is between a Celestron LT 76AZ and a Celestron 76EQ other than the different mounts? I've noticed that Celestron telescopes with an LT prefix seem to command a slightly higher selling price. The Celestron web site isn't any help.

Mike Wakefield
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Baader Hyperion Aspheric

Hi all.
I have a Skywatcher Skyliner 200p (f/6 l believe) and have recently purchased the Baader Hyperion zoom lens which l am quite happy with. I am now looking towards an eyepiece of 30mm + for observing DSO's. I rather like the Hyperion Aspheric eyepices and, to me, it seems a good idea to keep to the Hyperion brand. However, l cant seem to find a great deal of information on them, unlike the ...
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vernal equinox/Zodiac

This is NOT an astrology question. Nor do I believe in astrology.

I am so confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am totally new at this. i am trying to solve a historical question using Sky Safari 5 Pro.

FROM Wikipedia:

Unlike modern astronomers, who place the beginning or the sign of Aries at the place of the Sun at the vernal equinox; Babylonian astronomers fixed the zodiac in relation to stars, placing ...
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How accurate are sunrise/sunset times?

Hi all,

I'm new here and new to astronomy, and have a basic question - so this looks like a good forum!

I'm using the outputs from HMNAO Websurf for sunrise and sunset, and wondered if anyone can tell me how accurate these are?

In particular for sunrise/set, do they account for refraction of the earth's atmosphere, which makes the sun appear to be above the horizon even when it is geometrically below it?

And ...
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Nexstar 5SE or 6SE

Hello all,

I hope you don't mind the silly question and one I am sure you have heard before!

My son has been using his cousins Nexstar 4SE and has well and truly gotten the bug. I have been asked continually about buying him his first telescope and to be fair he has spent a lot of time researching which has been great to see.
He would like to go with the Nexstar 5SE, but ...
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