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Does a black hole/singularity have an infinite mass/density?....
was thinking that if so , then only one black hole with an infinitely dense singularity(infinite mass) would alone account for all dark matter/energy by itself by nature of this infinite density/mass , never mind all the other black holes that exist supermassive or not..the dark matter/energy that is being speculated upon seems to have a finite figure/quantity even if it is 90 odd percent more than ...
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Question of size

Most or some magazine articles say that a 6" scope or larger will show a particular deep sky object well.

The problem however is this... is that 6" Refractor or 6" Reflector?
Is there a conversion to step down or up for Refractors as most articles seem to be based on reflector size. Or is it best to take as written the size regardless of telescope type?

Thank you

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Dew cap/shield

I wonder if someone could tell me what the best material to make a dew cap for a Skymax 127 would be. Thanks in advance!
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sun size

Hi all,
newbie here so forgive me if this is truly a silly question.
Reading the article about the impossible star I find it hard to come to terms with how a star can become so large,
I thought that when the gas and dust start collapsing under gravity to the point when the nuclear furnace switches on would be
similar throughout the universe ( ie a critical point ) therefore stars would all be ...
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Wearing spectacles

Now this probably does seem a silly question:

Like a number of people of my age, I require two pairs of specs: one for distance, one for reading. My question is this (and it applies to photography as well I guess): which (if any) pair should I use for observing? I imagine the reading glasses as I'm looking at something close-up.

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Setting up an equatorial mount

I am building a shed/observatory for my scope and equatorial mount. It will give great views of most of the sky but unfortunately a large pine tree blocks out Polaris! As I cannot move the position of the shed, is there any way I can align the mount/scope accurately without having direct sighting to Polaris?
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Life is not special?

Hi all

In our Solar System we have at least three planets and a few moons that have, or could have, or at least had the potential to support life at some point in their history or future! Can anyone really believe that life doesn't exist elsewhere? ...... Are we really that special? and if so .... Why?
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Strange satellite formation?

Not strictly an astronomical sighting, but this one got me baffled.

Last Saturday night, (3rd July), my wife and I were sitting outside our motorhome at a campsite just outside Banbury. I'm guessing around 11.30pm to 12.00 midnight approx.

Probably around a half hour or so earlier, we'd spotted the ISS tailing off towards a south-easterly direction. Nothing unusal in that but then I saw 2 points of light coming over the south western horizon, ...
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Size of the Universe

How can we be sure that the universe can be bigger than 13.7 billion light years? Also, do the meanings of radius and diameter apply when we're probably talking in at least 4 dimensions, if not 11.
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saturn with the naked eye

If we could see the Saturn the same distance as the moon from the earth, then how big would it look in the sky?
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