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local astronomer needed

Hi all
Is there any astronmers that live local to walton on the naze if you do would you want to help a beginner astronmer get on his way

thanks could you get back to me as soon as possible

If you would like more info or ask me anything please write to my email
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Ask a Silly Question

Some of the most spectacular discoveries have come from asking silly questions. Isaac Newton asked himself why apples fell out of trees. Olbers asked an equally silly question: "Why is it dark at night?" This sounds like an elementary school question with an obvious answer – it is dark when the Sun goes below the horizon and its light is blocked by the Earth. However, Olbers looked at this a little bit more carefully and ...
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Chosen by Asker

AutoCAD is a good 2D drafting package. If you're going to learn to use a 3D package (Inventor, Solidworks, Pro-E, etc...) you need to learn the basics first.
I've used both 2D and 3D platforms in both work and school for the past 3 years, and I can say that you really need both of them. AutoCAD comes in handy when you need to do a layout of a mechanism, whether it be matching bolt ...
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Silly question of the day

I wonder if would be possible to see the flag on the moon?  Would it feasibly possible to take such an image with a very powerful telescope?  Could NASA silence the conspriacy theorists that say we never went to the moon by taken an image of the flag with Hubble?
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Planet Alignment

My reason for this question is purely because it makes me wonder what will happen when the Milky Way in directly in the middle of us......some say nothing will happen some say something will others say it's got something to do with 2012 (which i think is silly) I just find it intriging and exciting I know the last time this happened none of us would have been around but maybe someone out there has ...
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Comet Mcnaught

I have heard that Comet Mcnaught is going to be brighter than expected.

Is this true?
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Galactic Cirrus- Super Nova - Star Birth

Hi there sky gazers

I have a question - if someone could spare five minutes to answer this it would be much appreciated.

I have been watching 'Sky at Night' for a few years now and have assumed that galactic dust is the remnant from supernovas.

The last programme was focusing on the new Herschel telescope and showed several galactic dust areas - or galactic cirrus - firstly are these different from one another or ...
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RE: H-Alpha and prominences

How does using a filter make more light visible (Prominences are not visible in normal white light)? Are they blocked out by the intensity of the disk?
It doesn't. What the filter does is transmit (most of) the light emitted by the prominences, whilst absorbing or reflecting (almost all of) the light in the sky background - which is very bright indeed close to the sun.

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what the hell is noise pollution in astrophotography terms!?!?
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hi,could you tell me if right ascention(ra) 0hrs starts in the northern sky throughout the year and does it move.
can you tell the time of night by ra?dave.
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