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Detecting changes in a nebula


With the fabulous images that are now able to be produced, I was wondering if it would be possible to detect subtle changes in clouds of nebula gas and dust over long periods of time.

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Can I use Fuji finepix for night star photography

Hiya, there

Can I use my Fuji finepix S4400 camera, camera mounted for night time star photography?
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Does Dark Energy Really Exist? Does Dark Energy Really Exist?

Dark energy is a hypothetical form of energy that is supposed to permeate all of space and tends to accelerate the expansion of the universe. Apparently it's only a mathematical construct to make the formulas balance and to account for the missing mass in the universe and the observations. Nobody has detected dark energy yet and the exact physics behind it remains unknown. Well I don't believe it exists as I have a better theory. ...
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mount maintenance

My EQ6 mount is left out in the garden (covered of course). After several years use, shouldn't I be lubricating the moving parts, and if so what when and how?
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Sun's Equatorial Bulge Sun's Equatorial Bulge

Did I hear on a recent episode that the sun has virtually no equatorial bulge due to its rotation and why this is is an unsolved mystery?
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Hey guys, my 8 year old daughter wants a telescope. She wants to at least be able to see saturns rings, moon craters, mars in any form of detail......
I'm budgeting up to £100. Are our expectations reasonable in a low-medium light pollution area, with the budget?!
You can probably gather I'm an absolute novice, so thanks in advance for your assistance!!

Gary and Isabella.
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Space station

Hi all, i am new here and am new to astronomy, i have joined Spot The Station from NASA and the last 2 nights i have seen it, but Sunday night when i saw it, it appeared: WSW and disappeared E but last night when i saw it, it was supposed to have appeared: W and disappeared SE but was going totally the opposite direction. I'm pretty sure it was it as it appeared at ...
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Astrophotography Help!


I have just bought a new Olympus dslr, mounting ring and telescope attachment to fit on my Skywatcher 114p refractor to start to photograph the skies.

Having set it up however, I am totally unable to get a focused image that's even close!
I have tried barlow lens, extension tubes in all combinations but am unable to focus right down to get a good image.
Normal viewing through the scope with eyepieces is ...
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Polar Solar Eclipses?

Suppose you lived at the North (or South) pole - would you be able to see a total solar eclipse?
And would you see such eclipses more often, or less often, than someone who lived on the Equator?

I know this question is bound up with factors such as the Earth's axial tilt, and the Moon's tilted orbit. But I can't work out whether these factors make polar eclipses less frequent, or more frequent, or ...
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Observing Planets

I was wondering, does observing the planets serve much scientific purpose these days?

Most planets don't seem to offer much for amateur observation. The planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn have been thoroughly surveyed and probed by spacecraft. The spacecraft have taken so many photos of them, that nowadays these planets seem almost familiar territory.

Only Uranus and Neptune are still slightly mysterious. They were flown past by the Voyager probe. This took pictures, ...
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