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Universe too big or too young?

Hi, would be interested to know what explanations astrologers have for the following anomaly- If our universe is estimated to be around 13.8 billion years old (time from big bang to present day), and the size of the observable universe is estimated at 92 billion light years (so its 46 billion light years from the center to the edge) ... and if both those things are true then the average speed of the matter now ...
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Dark Matter Black Holes?

On the basis that Dark Matter exhibits the property of mass is there a theoretical possibility that dark matter could therefore ultimately form a Singularity and if so how might this present itself?

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Expansion speeding up

Could the increasing rate of expansion of the universe be explained by either the universe slowing down at an increasing rate from the outside in or similarly could it actually be imploding at increasing rate from the outside in. Has it actually been proven that everything is moving away from each other?
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standard candles and donor chemistry

As I understand standard candles they are binary stars where the dying partner is stealing mass, when it hits (always the same) critical mass it explode - same mass = same brightness...

...but what of the donor chemistry, could that not effect the "colour" of the light or even the temperature of the explosion? Would that then not effect the distance measurement because the brightness would be even slightly be effected ?

On a slightly ...
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Recently bought a 2nd hand Skywatcher 90 1250 Cassegrain (IIRC!). I knew the red dot finder didn't work - the former keeper tried changing batteries to no avail. Should I try a direct replacement (if yes any recommendations?) or should I consider something like a Seben 5x24 FS1?
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Photographing the Sun Using DSLR Photographing the Sun Using DSLR

Hello All,

I'm new here and new to photographty. Eventually I'd like to do some astro photography but for now I'm sticking to DSLRs.

I'd like to know where I can buy a screw-in filter for taking images of the Sun. Is there anything available in the market.

I've searched the internet and found Thousand Oaks but I think they only do filters for telescopes.

If anyone has suggestions kindly let me know.

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Newbie at 70yo!

Due to increasing infirmity I can no longer go fishing and photographing wildlife like a 40yo. I'm seriously looking to make astronomy, a lifelong interest, my new hobby. Advice seems to be towards buying a reflector scope, but what size of scope should I buy to observe the planets and close nebula? :?:
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Light pollution in the Warrington Area

I was wondering whether any one else in this area of Cheshire has this problem. I can see the centres of galaxies like m81 but cant see the spiral arms. I can see 82 clearly and the divisions in galaxy's disrupted centre which is supposed to be harder to see. I have a feeling its to do with the surface brightness of arms being lower than the surface brightness of the sky. Is there ...
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Am i doing something wrong

I have a Canon EOS 400d attached to my Meade 2090. I bought an eyepiece projector so as i could put various eyepieces in and see what difference it would make. my question is when i take a photo in daylight through the telescope if it is a fast shutter speed i get a image back, but if i take a picture with a slow shutter speed say 1 to 2 seconds the image comes ...
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micro-lensing of Black holes

I am new to astronomy and live in Weston super mare in England.This is my first post and I wandered about Black Holes and how we can detect them. I researched about how we can and I came across Gravitational Micro-lensing as a method, where if a black hole passes in between the earth and a distant star, the background star brightens momentarily.
What I was wandering is what would be the duration of such ...
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