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8se still a good choice?

Hi so a year ago I posted on here for some telescope advice, the help I got was great but I decided to leave it a while for various reasons. The 8se seems to be reviewed very well but hasn't there been anything new/better released that is an alternative? If the 8se is really that good then I am happy to get one, I just thought that it seems to have been out for a ...
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QHY5 Drivers & Software

Hi Guys

Would anyone be able to do me a copy of the Drivers & Software for my QHY5 guide camera ?

It would be much appreciated .


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Role of the Moon

Why, in the context of "life out there", do we almost never hear a discussion about the crucial role the Moon played in evolution on Earth? After all, without the Moon, there would have been no tides and waves to stir the pot. Maybe there wouldn't even be tectonic activity. (That implies another question). This seems to me to be an important question given what we are discovering about the effects of tidal forces on ...
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New Telescope, Can only see white circles....

Hi all,

I bought my partner a telescope 6" 750mm a while ago and a few cheap eye pieces came with it ranging from 6mm to 30mm but looking at anything but the moon only gave views of (usually small) white dots with a furry edge to them. Altering the focus from where we thought it was in focus only made it worse.

Having looked round the net and talking to others with more professional ...
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Camelopardalis viewing

Hello all,

As this is the "Ask a silly (astronomy) question" section, I though this would be good place to ask this question.

I have just "named a star" for my wee cousin. Her Grandad passed away this year and she has been having some difficulty with this especially in the run up to Christmas, so I though if I got a star named after her Grandad (my Uncle) it would give her something to ...
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Apologies for the dumb questions

I have been out of the loop for many years and have decided to get back in, now as a member of photography forums, and a photographer I appreciate this is going to be a dumb question so apologies in advance.

PLEASE can you keep your answers SIMPLE for me.

Thank you

Ok, making life easy for me I have just got an Ioptron Mini Tower Pro for my 80mm APO, and camera, I have ...
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Man made Gravity

Hello Everyone
Can or have we made gravity to be incorporated into spaceships or spacestations in the future?

Baz :?: :?: :?:
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Telescope advice please

Hi all,

Hubby would like a telescope as always been interested in astronomy etc so I am looking to buy on for around £170 mark,
A; is this possible or am I underestimating price for beginners telescope
B; which one would you recommend

Any help or advice greatly appreciated

Thank you
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Comet 67P and Halley Bopp

I would like to ask does anyone know if comet 67P at it's closet approach to Earth be as visible with the naked eye as Halley Bopp was in May 1996. :D
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Comet 67P question

If the comet loses material every time it goes around the sun why is there so much prominent detail.

I would have thought it would be a lot more rounded and "weathered" by now
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