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Real time, Time lapse or slowed? Real time, Time lapse or slowed?

Can someone make clear how video presented on SaN, or elsewhere for that matter relates to real time and whether we should assume it is real time unless told otherwise?

I've never been clear, and it's not obvious whether time lapse or slowed frame rates have been used with astronomical video. For example, in a video of the Sun on a recent SaN disk the footage is, I assume, in real time. The implication is ...
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What Improvements from Collimating?

Hi guys,

I've got a Skywatcher 1145p and invested in a nice Baader Hyperion 13mm EP. I get ok views on Jupiter but can only really make out 2 cloud bands, I was hoping to see the GRS!

The magnification is 38.5x with this combination and with a 2x barlow (cheap one that came with the telescope) does not really improve making out detail due to the colour distortion it creates.

So, i quickly checked ...
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White streaks across night sky

I have noticed for the last two nights 2 large white streaks across the night sky. Much to big for any plane to have made. Is this something to do with the asteroid / meteor shower? Never seen anything like it before.
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what telescope too buy

Hi I'm new to this,! Just after some advice on which telescope to buy, don't mind spent money on it if it's good, I'd like a table top one that's easy use any suggestions
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beginner damsel in distress

Hello all, i need some help please. I have just purchased a rather splendid looking Prinz 660 scope. Looks great! But have just spent the last three hours trying to fathom it out. I can see through the 'finder' but I cant seem to see anything through the big lense. Clearly im doing something wrong but goodness knows what. I have got the right angle prism thing in place but it moves it supposed ...
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Synscan Rates

Pardon my lack of knowledge, but still learning, a lot.

I got a synscan upgrade for my EQ5 for Christmas. Among other things I am confused about Tracking Rates.
One is obvious, "Lunar Rate"
The other I need some help with,
Sidereal Rate:- Is this for Deep Sky and star tracking?
Solar Rate:- Obviously for the sun which I think is a constant rate, but is this also for Planets? Doesn't planets track at different ...
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DSLR photography of the sun

The other day I was leaving work and saw the sun behind thin cloud, low on the horizon and I though it would make a great picture. I know it's dangerous to view the sun directly. Is it possible to get filters for DSLR cameras that make it safe / possible to take direct pictures of the sun?
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Hello Everyone
I read or heard somewhere that there are bigger stars than Betelgeuse . Can we see these giants with the naked eye or do we need a telescope to see them?
Is Rigel one of them?
Me i'm for the JUICE
Pluto is a planet with 4 moons(My opinion and i stand by that he he)
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both my son and my self have just got skywatcher scopes 1145p &130pm, we now how to set up to the pole star no problem. now if we are looking for a star and we both set the dec to the same degree this will be the same as its set at the factory. but if i set the hr mins on the r/a on my scope his might be set at a different ...
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Hello Everyone
Can anyone show me a list of terms used in astronomy eg parsec, magnitude 8.5 , 3 arc mins , perihelion etc what do these mean and is there anymore i should know about as i'm really starting to show a bigger interest in astronomy but when reading about stars, galaxys, planets(PLUTO IS A PLANET ) are interesting but when certain terms are thrown in the mix it sometimes becomes blah blah blah ...
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