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Logitech C270 Convert to Astro Cam

Hi there

I'm in the middle of converting a Logitech C270 into an astro cam. I am moving the whole circuit over into a small enclosure from maplins as this will be 'squarer' and allow easier fitting and alignment of the film case on the front.

There seems to be 2 different thought on 2 parts of this mod. the infra red filter and the lens. Has been either left in place or removed in ...
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Our View from Neptune

Suppose we were intelligent beings, on an outer planet such as Neptune. And we were looking inwards at the Solar System. What kind of Astronomy would we arrive at, and what questions would we ask.

Such as:

1. How big would the Sun look - what would be its apparent diameter, would it be a perceptible disk, or just an intensely brilliant star-like point?

2. Could we see Uranus and its rings and satellites

3. ...
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Spectrum Lab V2 - Meteor Scatter

Hi, just configuring Spectrum Lab for Meteor-Scatter tracking but : - how do I re-assign destination for output file plse?? it puts it in Spectrum directory as default but I need it in another for processing. Can't find the switch.
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Celestron 130 slt

So I read the reviews and bought a Celestron 130 SLT.

A couple of questions:

1. When using the eyepieces, I am getting frustrated. I find that if I am 1mm too close to the eyepiece, I can see nothing, if I am 1mm too far away I can just see black. I have to maneuver my head into exactly the right place to see what I am looking at, it is very annoying. Are ...
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CROSSHAIRS on Newtonian 150/750

I have a Newtonian 150 - 750P / Skywatcher

I see crosshairs!!!!

I bought a laser collimator and it is perfectly aligned using this with both lasers hitting the centre DOT on the main mirror and the target on the collimator!
When I look at anything through the scope I can still see the CROSSHAIRS of the scope.
I have read many articles and watched many videos about this problem but I STILL have the ...
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suitable laptop for astrophotography

Hi all, my current laptop is on its way out and I am looking to purchase a new one. My budget isn't great, as far as laptops go (£350), but I was wondering if there are any specific specifications I should be looking for. I have been looking at a couple of Lenovo's on Amazon which has a vast price range. Any hints/tips on what I should be looking for to steer me in the ...
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Astroimaging software FREE!!

Hello again,
I have tried to download a recommended version of Photoshop cs2 which should have been free but i have only been allowed a 7 day trial which others in the imaging world have been using free for some years.
Can anyone advice on what I may be doing wrong, anything else they can suggest in the way of free photograph packages or an other ways ahead. I have a PC which now runs ...
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Settings on DSLR for simple photography

I have made a very simple start in the attempt to capture a little of the night sky by putting my DSLR camera on a tripod and using changes to the ISO settings and exposure times to take images of The Milky Way, for example. I have tried a number of different things.

I am not sure at all as to which settings I should use on the camera. For example, there are P Tv ...
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Places for stargazing

Living in London has its perks but also the downside when I try to use my telescope with too much orange glow around. I live close to Greenwich Park and was wondering if there are good high locations with minimal light pollution nearby? I do not own a car so will have to hitch a ride with a friend or use a rental so would love to know a few good spots around if anyone ...
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New telescope options?

Hi I am new to this and have been looking to buy a telescope for initially viewing the Moon, Planets along with some photography. However I want the scope to be good enough to move on a little further into the hobby when i know more about what i am doing. I live in a lodge by the beach in Anglesey 90% of the time with wonderful skies and seemingly little light pollution. I want ...
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