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ra and polar alightment

Hi when I line Polaris in the polar scope how do I set the time should it be set to a time or should it be set to zero I'm not sure evertime I do it I'm miles out on the EQ5 mount but if I bluff it it I'm not to far out between objects and do I have to take in affect of time zones and weather the clocks have gone forward or ...
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Skywatcher 200P Focus Problem

Hi there

I have a Skywatcher 200P and it is driving me crazy. I bought a laser and collimated it. Everything it nicely in line. All I can see when I look at the moon is a big white fuzzy blur. I left the scope out for two and a quarter hours in my metal shed (nice and cold) and still nothing. It just won't focus on anything.

New to this and getting a little ...
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telescope cross thing help! telescope cross thing help!

Hi, ive recently purchased a celestron astromaster 130eq. Ive been trying to look at venus and seem to be getting a view of the cross thing thats at the front of the telescope in the middle of the image. Help? T.I.A
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Does anybody know of a good planetarium for kids,granddaughter(7) is interested in space me and her can learn together.Have looked at discovery channel double globe
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Moon or Space wave phenomena. Moon or Space wave phenomena.

Has anybody come across a gentleman on youtube called crrow777
Since 2012 he and atleast five others have recorderd footage of a strange rippling effect which spans the whole moon. I had to sell my telescope before then and i miss it.
Why there is such speculation on what this could be, but im in aww.
This could be totally ground breaking earth shattering news.
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Orion starshoot G3

I am starting out with astrophotography and have a quick question with regards the Orion StarShoot G3. The price for starting out seems reasonable for me and most reviews are positive, the one thing I can't discern from the reviews is whether to get the colour or mono version.

I don't know if it makes a difference but the scope in use would is a Celestron CPC925, once I get used to using the ...
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Go-to scope?

I understand the benefits of starting out with using a go-to scope. I learned photography on an old manual Praktika camera before progressing to DSLRs.

So my question is: Are there telescopes that one can learn the basics on and then add a go-to scope later?

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SKY-WATCHER EXPLORER 150P with its EQ3-2 moun

I've been considering the SKY-WATCHER EXPLORER 150P with its EQ3-2 mount as a first telescope and note that in your review you say you were disappointed by the lack of a finderscope.

However in the vital stats it states there is one. Can you advise please?
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Custom Stellarium Landscape

Hi Guys
I am trying to do a custom stellarium landscape from my back garden
I have taken 360 degree images and put them through photoshop cs6 to get the transparency reqd for the sky area, saved them as PNG’s.
Produced a panoramic using photomerge (in CS6)
Does anyone have a simple to understand procedure of the next steps up to finally installing my result in Stellarium Landscapes ?

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March Total Eclipse observing advice March Total Eclipse observing advice

Hi folks - I've got a quick question that I'm hoping someone can help me with.

I'm going to Iceland in March to observe the total eclipse. In Iceland, the eclipse will be good - but partial. According to NASA, in Reykjavik it'll be a magnitude 0.975 eclipse with an obscuration of 97.70%. However, if I drove 2 hours south to a town on the southern coast, it's reported as a magnitude 0.987 eclipse with ...
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