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What did I see last night?

I was out stargazing last night and I witnessed a white light in the sky traveling at what appeared to be a higher altitude than a normal plane would at a much faster rate than a normal planes cruising speed ( it covered about 1/3 of the visible sky in about 90 seconds.) and then it turned from white, to a dull red to complete absence of light. There was no tail to this light ...
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It's not looking good for the Earth

Hello Everyone
This may seem morbid but what will destroy the Earth first ?
Andromeda colliding with the Milky Way and a wayward star smashing into us or our Sun expanding to supergiant status and swallowing us up?

It's a weird one

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:? Another silly question from me: Got myself a pair of 10 x 50 binoculars and had a great view of the moon the other night. Only trouble was my hands are shaky with the weight of the 'bins. I have a tripod for taking photographs and did get an adapter for it when I bought the binoculars. Only trouble now is that although the two fit ...
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Bode's Law

Is there any evidence that exo-planets conform to Bode's Law. My understanding is that there is no physical reason for Bode's Law but would it not be fascinating if other planetary systems conformed to it?
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Just a flash

Hi, got in from work this morning at 3.00. Clear skies (Witney, Oxon), absolutely fabulous.
Just happened to be looking at Pegasus and just to the right, between it and the summer triangle there was quite a large single flash of light. Now, this has happened before, on that occasion it was more to the west and earlier in the evening, could have been about 9 months ago but I'm not sure. On both occasions ...
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Moon illusion

As the moon illusion is in effect at the moment I was hoping to get a photo of it looking really large. However, I'm not getting a really large looking moon in my pics. Do I need to use a special technique (framing or something similar) or is it just a matter or using a powerful zoom lens?
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2 red stars

First of all I'd like to say hi to everyone. Secondly I'd like to pick your brains. I live in cornwall and was fishing off caerhaze beach st.austsll and around midnight ish time on the 14.7.2013 with my father in law and myself when we noticed 2 red stars in the sky. The 1st was to the south and quite high and very red in colour and the 2nd was to the west but not ...
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How Far From The Sun To Safely Observe With The Naked Eye?

Hi! Just wondered how far away from the sun(at it's present luminousity) you would need to be to safely observe it with the naked eye and no filter. Not worried about other factors, such as being able to breathe etc! :D Just wondered approximatley how far it would be. If you could indicate approximately where it would be in the solar system(or beyond) as a reference, ...
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Hello Everyone
Can anyone explain The Sling Shot manoeuvre involving satelites going round a planet then getting flung out in space.Can't get my head round it , someone said it's like having a tennis ball on a piece of string swinging round and round your head then letting go when it gets fast and it blasts off into space.
How can this be done with a satelite (this may seem daft to you but there's ...
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newbie astro imaging help

Hey ho, I started on the first step of having a bash at this asto-photograpy malarky and I am in need of some advice, Firstly I have a Nexstar 127 SLT, I recently bought a Sony A37k I know I need a t/t2 lens mount adaptor, is there anything else I need?

Thanks in advance for help :D
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