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Focusing An 11" SCT

Hi! First let me apologise to all for the doubtless months of cloudy skies my wife's Christmas present will bring to us, a Celestron Advanced C11 SGT XLT Telescope mounted on the computerized CG-5 EQ mount.

Only had chance to try it out once between clouds on one evening, but got a superb view of Jupiter's Great Red Spot, though not as large a view as I would have liked. My question is, is it ...
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New telescope for disabled newbie

Hi there , iam looking for a telescope to replace my tasco refractor which I bought to get me started and its not very good and a pain to set up every time .
So iam looking for a second hand scope but hers my problem.
I use crutches to stand but only for a very short time and also use a wheelchair as iam not very good on my legs yet so wanted to ...
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Dark matter

Ive been thinking that maybe Dark energy/ Dark matter could be caused by stars? if you think about all those stars throughout the universe releasing and that heat and energy over millions/billions of years, thermal dynamics states that that energy wouldnt just vanish? its still there, and that much energy even the cooled down heat would have mass, and the latest mapping of Dark energy dispositions throughout the known universe would back this up surely?
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5X Barlow Lens


I've got a 130mm diameter newtonian reflecting scope. According to the internet, the maxium useful magnification of this should be 260x. (I'm aware that I may not get close to that depending on other issues and influences.)

Anyway I have 10mm, 12.5mm, and 25 mm eyepieces, and a 2X barlow lens. I did some working out and thought that if I get a 5X barlow lens I could get close to maximum magnification.

This ...
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Hello Everyone
A while ago i was asking the question why we name newly discovered planets with daft names such as 1121ws112 (thats made up by me so scientists you cant have it ha ha) but to my humour i came across this MAKEMAKE . COME ON IS THIS A JOKE i mean it has reference to Easter Island then i found out they even gave it a code name EASTERBUNNY during a study of ...
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At 68 I have just bought a 12inch telescope and taken up astronomy as a hobby. In my working life I was an engineer and used vacuum pumps, it is my understanding that if I had a vacuum pump connected to a sealed container I could draw a vacuum however, if I did not have a container and opened the windows and turned on the pump I could never draw a vacuum because air would ...
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I think ive just done something silly but im not sure yet. I bought a Swarovski sts80x20 eyepiece. My question is, will it fit a normal telescope (skywatcher short tube). I tried to find out on google but came up with nothing and the guy said it was a stunning lens and good for digiscoping so i bought it. Please tell me it will be ok. I know Swarovski are fantastic lenses and arnt cheap ...
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Hi all, its been a while lol. Anyway ive just bought a Philips SPZ6500/00 webcam and thought as its got a 2megapixel CMOS sensor it could be converted for astrophotography. Ive searched the web but cant seem to find anything about converting this webcam or how hard it might/could be. I know that other Philips webcams can be converted so thats why i bought this one in the hope that it can be done. Any ...
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which camera

Hi just bought a skywatcher 130explorer can anyone advise me a which sort of camera i could use with this scope ,I dont have a very big budget around £300.thank you phil
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Alternatives to SPC900 and Toucams Alternatives to SPC900 and Toucams


I'm new to astro imaging, I've brought myself a Sky Watcher Explorer 130EM telescope but am struggling to find a webcam that will produce images I want of the moon and Mars (just as a starting point). Everyone suggests I find a Phillips SPC900 but prices for these now seem to be in the £100's :o . Just wondered if there was another option other than ...
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