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Researching buying a new camera and, for general use, would prefer a compact systems camera. Depending on the make , these would either have an APS-C or 4/3 sensor.

I quite fancy having a go at Astrophotography by connecting to my refractor telescope(130mm).

Am I likely to be able to get worthwhile shots using this size of sensor and telescope?

Would it make much difference between the APS-C or 4/3 varieties?
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Sky-Watcher Explorer-130p... R.A. Pointers..??

Today I got my Sky-Watcher Explorer-130 telescope,and I've put it together (too cloudy to use it though :cry: ) and I noticed when I turn the scope about the RA axis the setting circle and the metal pointer move together. However, I noticed another pointer between the letter R.A. which does not use so I assume I an use this as the pointer. Has ...
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Icy Scope!

Thought I should post this in the Silly Question section, as I'm sure it is!

I've been out tonight for a couple of hours with my Skywatcher 200, enjoying some crystal clear views of Jupiter and Orion. Unusually, my views got all fogged up, but after I cleaned all the eyepiece lenses and back to business.

I am packing up for the night now and I realise that she is absolutely covered in streaks of ...
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Entry Level Telescope


I'm looking to purchase an entry level telescope as a gift for a friend for Christmas, I have a budget of £50.00, I know this will really limit the quality of product I can get, but are there any good entry-level systems that you can get good views of the moon, planets etc...

I am a complete novice in this field, but it is something we have both discussed in the past, I thought ...
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Hello Everyone
Anyone watch the drama on Thursday 28th evening it was mint !!!!!! :D
But after Nasa and ESA said it was highly likely it didnt survive,but it peaked its way up and around the sun.If you haven't seen the photo's take a look.....
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Hello Everyone
Can anyone tell me how is it that when you look at ,say , Jupiter in the night sky with the naked eye it looks like a star but when you look through the telescope you can see it in all its glory so my daft question is how come a telescope can strip the planet of its star glare and see it properly?

Baz :? ...
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The Asteriod Belt

Hello Everyone
When we send a spacecraft out through the solar system how do they get through the asteriod belt ?


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reflector telescope help

I have a saxon 1309 EMS telescope with a 12 mm lens. when i look at planets at night most of the space is taken up by the thing that holds the flat mirror, it looks like a big plus sign in the middle when i look though this only happens at night not at day time. please leave advice about how to get rid of it. Thanks.
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What did I see last night?

I was out stargazing last night and I witnessed a white light in the sky traveling at what appeared to be a higher altitude than a normal plane would at a much faster rate than a normal planes cruising speed ( it covered about 1/3 of the visible sky in about 90 seconds.) and then it turned from white, to a dull red to complete absence of light. There was no tail to this light ...
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It's not looking good for the Earth

Hello Everyone
This may seem morbid but what will destroy the Earth first ?
Andromeda colliding with the Milky Way and a wayward star smashing into us or our Sun expanding to supergiant status and swallowing us up?

It's a weird one

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