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Where is Cas A?

Hi this might sound silly but I want to know where the Cas A supernova remnant is within the constellation and I cant find any diagrams online that help.

Please can someone tell me or direct me to a suitable image?

Many many thanks
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Where will the sun be?

Does a program exist that would be able to tell me the position of the sun when one stands in a particular place on earth at any given time of the day?

To explain, I am about to go on a photoshoot in Miami and need to plan where I can expect the sun to be at any given time. Eg sunrise is 7.24 today at x degrees, but next week at say 10am it ...
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is this possible?

Is this possible?
I took this photo yesterday through reflection of window glass using my SAMSUNG smart phone. It brings a lot of question to my mind what if we have more than one sun how the life will be looks like? Is the summer will be hotter, the day longer and more so I thought of share this with you to discussions.
SORRY I took this picture

wael elhrari
tripoli libya
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Little bendy dials for making your scope move.

Hi all!

My first post so go easy on me :)

I have a Bresser Lyra 70mm by 900mm refractor scope.

One of my bendy dials have snapped and I just can't get it to glue back together even with the aid of cello tape.

I've been searching for the names of these little bendy dials online and then I stumbled across this site which I remember ...
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Help with Celestron go to

I wonder if any one can help me with this problem. I have a Celestron 8" edge on a AVX mount. I am starting this up for the first time out of the box and the hand set is giving me the reading "Error code 17". I stopped when I got the message. Can any one help?

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I'm building an Observatory. You can see what I've done so far by looking on my website. Only problem is I'm not allowed to post the link.

If you can offer advice PM me and I'll return the link

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Hyperbolic Orbits Hyperbolic Orbits

Does Jupiter give comets in elliptical orbits enough energy to put them into hyperbolic orbits where they will loop around the sun and then be thrown out the solar system... or have I misunderstood :L
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Why do some stars twinkle?

Hello everyone, my first post..

Ok, when I say twinkle, I mean, when looking at a couple of stars even without a telescope, they seem to changing colour or sparkling or something.When I was setting up my scope last night, I noticed a star in the south doing this.. Later on, I noticed Capella too was doing the same, when I focused on it, sure enough it looked to be revolving in colour, mainly yellow ...
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Dust cloud and Black Hole Sagitarius A (?)

What happened with regards to the dust cloud that was heading towards the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way?

....never heard anything more - anyone know what happened?
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Help! Jupiter deflecting meteoroids.

Hey, I am doing an EPQ project about how Jupiter can deflect meteoroids but I am struggling with the research. If anyone knows of any books or other resources on the topic can you please tell me. Thank :| you!
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