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Spectrum Lab V2 - Meteor Scatter

Hi, just configuring Spectrum Lab for Meteor-Scatter tracking but : - how do I re-assign destination for output file plse?? it puts it in Spectrum directory as default but I need it in another for processing. Can't find the switch.
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Celestron 130 slt

So I read the reviews and bought a Celestron 130 SLT.

A couple of questions:

1. When using the eyepieces, I am getting frustrated. I find that if I am 1mm too close to the eyepiece, I can see nothing, if I am 1mm too far away I can just see black. I have to maneuver my head into exactly the right place to see what I am looking at, it is very annoying. Are ...
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CROSSHAIRS on Newtonian 150/750

I have a Newtonian 150 - 750P / Skywatcher

I see crosshairs!!!!

I bought a laser collimator and it is perfectly aligned using this with both lasers hitting the centre DOT on the main mirror and the target on the collimator!
When I look at anything through the scope I can still see the CROSSHAIRS of the scope.
I have read many articles and watched many videos about this problem but I STILL have the ...
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suitable laptop for astrophotography

Hi all, my current laptop is on its way out and I am looking to purchase a new one. My budget isn't great, as far as laptops go (£350), but I was wondering if there are any specific specifications I should be looking for. I have been looking at a couple of Lenovo's on Amazon which has a vast price range. Any hints/tips on what I should be looking for to steer me in the ...
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Astroimaging software FREE!!

Hello again,
I have tried to download a recommended version of Photoshop cs2 which should have been free but i have only been allowed a 7 day trial which others in the imaging world have been using free for some years.
Can anyone advice on what I may be doing wrong, anything else they can suggest in the way of free photograph packages or an other ways ahead. I have a PC which now runs ...
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Settings on DSLR for simple photography

I have made a very simple start in the attempt to capture a little of the night sky by putting my DSLR camera on a tripod and using changes to the ISO settings and exposure times to take images of The Milky Way, for example. I have tried a number of different things.

I am not sure at all as to which settings I should use on the camera. For example, there are P Tv ...
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Places for stargazing

Living in London has its perks but also the downside when I try to use my telescope with too much orange glow around. I live close to Greenwich Park and was wondering if there are good high locations with minimal light pollution nearby? I do not own a car so will have to hitch a ride with a friend or use a rental so would love to know a few good spots around if anyone ...
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New telescope options?

Hi I am new to this and have been looking to buy a telescope for initially viewing the Moon, Planets along with some photography. However I want the scope to be good enough to move on a little further into the hobby when i know more about what i am doing. I live in a lodge by the beach in Anglesey 90% of the time with wonderful skies and seemingly little light pollution. I want ...
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Newby advice please - Astronomy / Astrophotography

Hi All,
I have been fascinated with the heavens for years now and finally after developing my family to an age whereby I can finally enjoy life to the extent that I can also have a hobby :)

I am possibly jumping into this feet first but I am looking to purchase my first "proper" telescope (had the National Geographic kids edition up to now) with which ...
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Curious as to what I saw tonight

I’ve got a 6” reflector with equatorial mount. I live near Cambridge UK. Tonight at about 22:30 I was looking at what I think was Arcturus (I’m new to this!) and as I adjusted it into the centre of the eyepiece using the eq mount knobs I noticed a dot of light like a star moving in the opposite direction to the way I turned the knobs and far faster than the stars were moving. ...
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