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Newby advice please - Astronomy / Astrophotography

Hi All,
I have been fascinated with the heavens for years now and finally after developing my family to an age whereby I can finally enjoy life to the extent that I can also have a hobby :)

I am possibly jumping into this feet first but I am looking to purchase my first "proper" telescope (had the National Geographic kids edition up to now) with which ...
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Curious as to what I saw tonight

I’ve got a 6” reflector with equatorial mount. I live near Cambridge UK. Tonight at about 22:30 I was looking at what I think was Arcturus (I’m new to this!) and as I adjusted it into the centre of the eyepiece using the eq mount knobs I noticed a dot of light like a star moving in the opposite direction to the way I turned the knobs and far faster than the stars were moving. ...
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wide angle lens for my DSLR camera

As a novice I thought I would try some simple astroimaging! I am not sure which wide angle lens to buy for My Canon 500d which would give me the best results. It a simple star trail image I thought i would try first.
Any advice is welcome for my extremely basic question!

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Andromeda galaxy viewing

As a fairly new 'astronomer' I have been exploring much of the new information I have gleaned from magazines and sites like this one.
Over the last few nights my goal has been to work my way through all combinations of barlow x 2 lens and eyepieces to find out all of the properties of my scope- a celestron 9.25 evolution.

It does seem that I can see a fuzzy blob of cotton wool like ...
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Classic first question - Buying first telescope

Sorry, this is the sort of question that must generate a lot of eyerolls! Unfortunately I'm stuck and am really in need of some help.

I really really wish to buy a telescope. I have always wanted to, but have always been somewhat constrained by money. For the first time ever, I can afford to splash out, so to speak, yet find myself baffled by the vast choice and variables as regards type, apertures, focal ...
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Weather forecasts for astronomy

Can anyone suggest a good reliable forecasting site i can use in France please?

C Wardlaw
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Help to buy first telescope

Hi, total newbie here!

After ages scouring the internet for advice for a first telescope, I'm pretty much down to the Skywatcher 130p-ds or the 150p-ds. I want to be able to take photos (it's OK, I know I won't be competing with Hubble!) My questions are:
1) Will I really notice the difference between the 130 and 150?
2) What does the ds mean - I gather it's helpful for photography but I don't ...
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Not seeing as much as expected

Just bought a telescope for the first time

SkyWatcher Startravel 120mm AZ3 Refractor Telescope with Eyepieces Supplied (1.25"): 10mm & 25mm

All set up last night and managed to find what I am sure were Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. I admit my expectations were probably a bit high and I expected to see huge planets in my viewfinder but things were smaller than I imagined. It was out of a bedroom window which I know ...
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Any help greatly received

I am new to astrophotography and need some guidance. I have a celestron nexstar 130SLT along with a cannon EOS 1200D camera. Any tips on getting the best images for planets, nebula and the moon. I just got a remote shutter button to stop the shakes. I am looking for exposure times and the like. Please bear in mind I am a newbie so be gentle with me. I have got some good moon pics ...
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Dear all,

I am pretty new to astronomy and I am having some difficulties using my Altair GPCAM AR0130C COLOUR.

My setup is:
Sky-Watcher Skymax-127 AZ SynScan GO-TO Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope.

I have a Telrad finder which I know to be perfectly aligned as when I use it with my 10mm lense and 2x Barlow whatever I put in the finder is centre vision. However, if I then replace the lense with my GPCAM (say for ...
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