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Another simple question I am sure... I have taken many images from one night, with DSLR on the back of my scope. Having downloaded them onto my laptop they are no longer jpeg images so will not show up in the files when trying to upload to a processing prog such as MICE or registaks. Can anyone tell me how to alter them into a format where i can access them in the folder which ...
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Making mosaic pictures

I am beginning to create some simple pictures of The moon with my Alt/az mount at the moment. As my camera is not full frame I would like to/believe it is possible to create mosaics to join the various sections together?

Can anyone help me with how to do this please?

Thank you

C Wardlaw
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First telescope for digital photography


My wife has given me a budget of £500 (you know how it is) to get a scope for use with my Sony a7ii and to use with the kids.

I have zero idea but the celesteon nexstar 4 se has caught my eye. Is that completely wrong or any good or something else I should be looking at with the budget I have please?

I need to absorb the wealth of your knowledge ...
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Changing/upgrading mounts

I have had a Celestron evolution 9.25" scope on an Alt /AS mount and am realising that with a f/10 ratio I am not best equipped to move into the world of Astrophotography. Without changing everything very expensively can anyone suggest what mount may be able to take the weight of my scope which is around 16kg.

Many thanks for any help you can give
C Wardlaw
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Using Celectron Telescope


Recently I have been presented with a "Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ Telescope. I also received one 10 mm and another 20 mm eye piece. Although I can see the stars through both lenses, I cannot see the big moon visible in the sky? What am I doing wrong? Is there are any set up or lenses needed to view the moon? I am a beginner and am frustrated as I could not see the ...
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Finder scopes

My Celestron Evolution 9.25 came with a small red dot eye finder which has had some success bu i now feel it needs to be replaced with something a little more precise. Any direction or advice about what I might consider as an upgrade would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

C Wardlaw
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Logitech C270 Convert to Astro Cam

Hi there

I'm in the middle of converting a Logitech C270 into an astro cam. I am moving the whole circuit over into a small enclosure from maplins as this will be 'squarer' and allow easier fitting and alignment of the film case on the front.

There seems to be 2 different thought on 2 parts of this mod. the infra red filter and the lens. Has been either left in place or removed in ...
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Our View from Neptune

Suppose we were intelligent beings, on an outer planet such as Neptune. And we were looking inwards at the Solar System. What kind of Astronomy would we arrive at, and what questions would we ask.

Such as:

1. How big would the Sun look - what would be its apparent diameter, would it be a perceptible disk, or just an intensely brilliant star-like point?

2. Could we see Uranus and its rings and satellites

3. ...
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Spectrum Lab V2 - Meteor Scatter

Hi, just configuring Spectrum Lab for Meteor-Scatter tracking but : - how do I re-assign destination for output file plse?? it puts it in Spectrum directory as default but I need it in another for processing. Can't find the switch.
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Celestron 130 slt

So I read the reviews and bought a Celestron 130 SLT.

A couple of questions:

1. When using the eyepieces, I am getting frustrated. I find that if I am 1mm too close to the eyepiece, I can see nothing, if I am 1mm too far away I can just see black. I have to maneuver my head into exactly the right place to see what I am looking at, it is very annoying. Are ...
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