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Jewel in the Dog's collar.

This is an image of Messier 41 in Canis Major. It is a large cluster of stars, slightly bigger than a moon's width across with lots of interesting outlying stars. This is why I used the guidescope. There are just 10 x 15sec exposures. In the telescope some of the brighter stars have an orange hue. The cluster through the telescope looks to me bit like an 'asterix' (*). Neither of these really come through ...
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Dark sky observing session

We took the advantage of a clear night, no moon and a non work day following to travel about 80 minutes into North Wales to do some observing last night.

We'd been recommended the car park above the Alwen Reservoir dam as a good observing spot, but it's off the main road and the last slope down to it was a bit too covered with snow and ice to risk getting caught at the bottom. ...
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January Report

Quite typically January was marred by manflu and cloudy nights but I had one of my most active Januarys. Had I succeeded with some of my more ambitious projects, it would have been memorable.

Here's the full report: https://sungazer127mak.blogspot.com/2019/01/january-2019.html

The video is my photos for the month accompanied by "One and One" by the underrated Medicine Head:

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The Crab Nebula

I've never found the Crab Nebula a easy object either find, view or photograph. Modern GOTO telescopes make it easy to find, but viewing it needs some degree of dark sky. Photographing needs long exposures, and even then the contrast with the sky isn't great.

On 28th Janaury, after the local stables decided to switch off their floodlights, (abt 9pm!) I gave it another go. A short in the mount power lead was my first ...
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I only took 12 frames before it clouded over but I caught the whole constellation in one set of shots:

https://www.flickr.com/photos/philippug ... ed-public/
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Collage of the moon eclipse 2019

Hi all a collage of the eclipse 2019,thanks for looking.
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Dslr moon eclipse 2019

Hi all I went outside at 2.30am and set up my telescope and I used a Canon 550d,2x barlow and a skywatcher 80ed scope.I managed to capture 93 images in raw and jpeg from the start until totality.I stitched 31 images together using Microsoft Ice and I did a single image of the shadow coming across the face of the moon.I thought I would share.Thanks for looking.

newmoonshadowskyatnight.jpg ...
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Lunar Eclipse 2019 - The Dark Eclipse

The alarm woke me up at 4am, but that was about the only thing that did work. :( The cloud was broken, but there were frequent rain showers. The software wasn't being cooperative, and the computer suddenly clogged up. I managed to get a number of files but whether I can turn them into useable images I don't know. I'll post them up if I can.

It ...
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Archimedes in the Sea of Showers

First clear night for ages and I tried a Moon image with the new GP-Cam290C .


41 frames from a short avi, stacked in Registax, curves and levels played with in Gimp.

Lots of room for improvement there then!
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Moon taken on 01/17/2019

Hi all I took these images on 17th January,I stacked 60 images using Microsoft Ice and adobe cs2 for processing.I used my skywatcher 80ed refractor and 2x barlow with a canon 550d camera and thought I would share the results.Thanks for looking.
new stitch31mnonoskyatnight.jpg

new stitch31skyatnight.jpg

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