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M57 Ring Nebula and M27 Dumbell

Hi all I took these images on the 2nd July,hope you enjoy,thanks for looking.
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Venus from 06/26/2018

Hi all I managed to get a shot of Venus before it vanished out of view.I thought I would share but is nothing special.Thanks for looking.

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sunspot 2715

Hi all I took a couple of shots of the sun today with my 80mm refractor as the sunspot 2715 was still visible,but was quite trick to find as it was a bit small.The first image is just without any barlow and the second is with the 3x barlow and modified the colour on the image.Thanks for looking and thought I would share.

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The Noctilucent Clouds are Back

In summer I always take a brief look north, just in case the noctilucent clouds appear. Most times I'm disappointed. However tonight (24th June) there was brief, rather dim display, but it is always worth a mention. They started to appear at about 10:10pm local time, and got to their brightest at 10:30pm, after which they faded away. As you can see, on this occasion, they are rather confused, and lack any interesting structure, but ...
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Jupiter taken on 06/15/2018

Hi all I took these images and I only got 20 images and used autostakkert to stack, before the clouds rolled in again.I used a 3xbarlow with my skywatcher 80 ed refractor.Thanks for looking.
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Jupiter due south

Jupiter is at its best right now - which this year isn't saying a lot. However there is still a fair amount of detail, and with Jupiter being so bright at the moment it is worth trying a little higher magnification. The Great Red Spot was right on the meridian as I started observing, although it had moved off by the time I took this photo. The North Equatorial Belt is somewhat thinner and darker ...
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Day Star

Capturing stars during broad daylight is a little tricky, but the brightest ones can be seen. I tried for Betelgeuse, but it is too near the sun in the sky at the moment. I then went for Regulus in Leo, and I was more successful. This is a composite of 7 sharp images.
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The Sombrero Galaxy.

This is the best season to bag galaxies, so I thought I would have a go at the 'Sombrero' in Virgo. (M104) I managed to tweak the mount to track slightly better. 11 x 45second exposures were stacked to give this image.

I have viewed this galaxy previously as a 'fuzzy', but I've not tried to image it before. It is easily visible in a 4" telescope, and even in binoculars. What you tend ...
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