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Ursa Minor: First photo of 2019

I was after meteors but didn't catch any "on film". No luck but some of the frames caught Ursa Minor: ... ed-public/
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Nothing since 19th but an interesting month at times: ... -2018.html

As I did not take many photos in November, I produced a combined November/December video with "Black Eyed Boy" by Texas: ... SHl3LAi1xg

My annual summary will be available for a nominal fee on Kindle and include a summary of the tools and techniques I have used.

My new Twitter ...
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Going Back to 1971

On Christmas Day 1971 I received my first telescope - a Tasco 4TVE refractor. Image
This is a 40mm or 1 1/2 inch refractor. Typically it was cloudy on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and the day after, but on 28th December, the sky cleared allowing me to view the moon at around 4pm. I filled out a log of all my observing over the next 5 years with that telescope. I have since typed up ...
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M42 orion Nebula

Hi all I processed a couple of images of M42.I thought I would share.Thanks for looking.
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Mystery Object

While taking a wide field view of Comet Wirtenan, I spotted an interest looking fuzzy on the same shot. I stacked 10 images and it looked even more fuzzy. (See arrow)

I thought it was a distant galaxy, but it isn't on any chart. (It seems rather large not to be)
However, when I zoomed in I got a bit of a shock. I've not seen anything like this before.

Has anyone come ...
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November was a poor month, due to weather and a bad back restricting my viewing and photography.

I managed a few Sun photos in hydrogen alpha light but the Sun was very quiet.

I took some more Perseus shots but did not finish my mosaic. I'm hoping to complete it in December or January.

I caught two meteors on "film".

Here is the full report: ... -2018.html

I ...
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Comet Wirtanen

29th November 2018
Comet Wirtanen is climbing out of the murky horizon, and the moon is keeping back for a while. However clouds insisted on making an appearence too, making this a very frustrating observing session.

The comet was 13 degrees above the horizon when I took this 60 sec photo. It isn't particulary bright at the moment, especially being so low down. However it did look distinctly green! I could see no tail. I ...
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SATURN - VIDEO - BY - 75mm

Snapshot_21 (2).tif
SATURN - VIDEO - BY - 75mm Telescope
and photo
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Blue-Star video

see this video blue-star
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Bode's Galaxy

Messier 81 or Bode's Galaxy is located in Ursa Major. It is easily found through binoculars or a small telescope. If you imagine the 'bowl' of the Dipper to be a bad square, then draw an imaginary line from the bottom left star to the top right. Extend that line by the same amount and that is the location of M81. (M82 - another galaxy is nearby) The bright oval core is normally all that ...
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