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The Leo Triplet

Leo is high in the south as it gets dark now. It is home to 3 relatively bright galaxies quite close together. I've had to reset my equatorial wedge, and its taking time to get it tweaked for long exposures, but I managed 11x30sec exposures of each of them.
The first is M65, which looks like a elongated strip of light.

The second is M66, which to me looks like a mottled disk.
Image ...
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The 5 moons of Jupiter !!

Jupiter normally only shows 4 of its moons to the average binoculars or telescope but at a few minutes to local midnight on 2nd May, I observed several 'moon-like' objects near to Jupiter. I took a photo through the telescope which showed 5 such objects. The 'photobomber' is actually nu librae, a 5th magnitude star. (the one on the bottom right) The others starting at the planet are Io, Ganymede, Europa and Callisto.


Jupiter ...
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On 18th April, the large crescent moon was looking good
Through the telescope a few features stood out in particular.
The tops of the Altai Scarp was catching the sunlight well into the dark side. The crater at the end (or beginning!) of the scarp is Piccolomini. That makes it really easy to identify. It is known for its split central peak, and deep landslips inside the crater wall.

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Venus 2018

Venus is once again visible in the evening sky. At the moment it is actually on the far side of the sun, and very small. This isn't going to be a good appearance of Venus this year. As the planet gets nearer it will drop towards the horizon, and will roll about there from the summer onwards. It will make observation of Venus as it gets larger very challenging.
Here is the first photo of ...
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March Report

Full report: http://sungazer127mak.blogspot.co.uk/2018/03/march-2018.html

Annual summary so far: http://www.philippughastronomer.com/2018Retrospective.pdf

March video with "Freight Train" by Chas McDevitt and Nancy Whiskey (c. 1957): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4QRadvj8RI
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Triangle formation last night

Last night my husband saw at least 10 objects flying in a diamond shape formation flying which moved extremely fast travelling from West to east.....it was approx 4.30am and we are in Scotland. Did anyone see it..does anyone have an idea what it might have been?
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February Report

I saw and snapped a bit more than in January.

This is the summary:http://www.philippughastronomer.com/2018Retrospective.pdf

This is the full report: http://sungazer127mak.blogspot.co.uk/2018/02/february-2018.html

This is the joint January/February photo video, with "Because the Night" by 10 000 Maniacs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHNHnR2QTFs&list=PL--6h1svyG-FeycYHvs0ZwCSHl3LAi1xg&index=9
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M42 orion nebula

Hi all I took this image on the 25/02/2018 and I stacked 100 images at 5 seconds each,then put it through adobe photoshop and this is what I processed.Thanks for looking.
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A few moon Images

Hi all I thought I would share a few moon images that I took last week as I could not post any for a while as the moderators had to unlock the system.
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