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Bode's Galaxy

Messier 81 or Bode's Galaxy is located in Ursa Major. It is easily found through binoculars or a small telescope. If you imagine the 'bowl' of the Dipper to be a bad square, then draw an imaginary line from the bottom left star to the top right. Extend that line by the same amount and that is the location of M81. (M82 - another galaxy is nearby) The bright oval core is normally all that ...
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Eskimo Nebula

Another planetary nebula. The 'Eskimo Nebula' (NGC 2392). This is in Gemini, which is coming into view later in the evening. Its only 10th magnitude, but it is clearly fuzzy, and blue. It isn't difficult to spot through a telescope.


Since it is so small, it is difficult to image any detail, but by using the highest resolution, and stacking 40 images I was able to get this.


This is 40 x 10sec ...
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The usual mixed bag of offerings for October:


For the video, I chose a Metellica song:

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M76 - the 'Little Apple Core'

With a name like 'Little Dumbbell' or 'Little Apple Core', I expected M76 to be smaller, but just as bright as its big brother, the planetary nebula, M27. Actually, it is not a bright object at all, and very much smaller. It is only 10th magnitude, which makes it hard to spot in a telescope. With the ISO set to 6400, a 30sec exposure give a very faint green rectangle with a blob of red ...
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M2 Global cluster

Hi all I took images of m2 global cluster and I stacked in deepskystacker,processed in adobe photoshop cs2.Thanks for looking.

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I haven't written the summary yet and I'm not 100% sure where I will post it (website closing). Here's the finished report now I've done the processing and blogging:

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Finished my Moon shoot

Full disc with my DSLR, close-ups with my Bresser Electronic Eyepiece:


https://www.flickr.com/photos/philippug ... ed-public/
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Ring Nebula

Another planetary nebula, but a lot smaller looking than the Dumbbell. The 'Ring Nebula' (M57) is located in Lyra.
Through a telescope it is a little grey ring, but even the humblest camera will bring out some colour.
This is just a single 30sec exposure with the Canon.
That star in the middle of the ring is the origin of the nebula.
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Neptune and Triton

Neptune is an 8th magnitude object, and Triton is 13th magnitude. Neptune, although large, because of its distance is only about 1/10th the diameter of Mars at its best. Neptune is fun to observe, as it is clearly a disk, and has a distinctive blue colour. Triton is never very far from Neptune, and can be seen with a 6 inch telescope in good conditions. A larger telescope is better.
This photo is a bit ...
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