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Have you seen the Flame nebula?

By 'see' I mean through an eyepiece (as opposed to using a laptop & CCD camera). This object should be considerably easier to spot than its neighbour IC434 - but I must confess that even through my 11" SCT from a city sky, I have never been able to detect it. I managed to home in on it for the image below merely by using my setting circles.

So I was wondering whether those of ...
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The Ring Vs The Dumbell nebula

Here's a debate that I've started on other forums. Argueably the two 'grandest' planetary nebulae visible in the summer sky are the Ring nebula (M57) and the Dumbell nebula (M27). Both can be seen through even modest apertures.

So which gets your vote as being the showpiece of the two? In other words, which one looks to be the most impressive to you at the eyepiece?

I'll start the ball rolling. My vote goes to ...
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You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Hi Gang,
Last night was one my best observing sessions to date. Crystal clear skies and no Moon, ideal observing conditions. I have always used medium to high power eyepieces thinking that a low power would "take the edge" of the views I was getting.However, I took the plunge recently and bought a 40mm wide angle plossl and last night was the first night that I had used it. What an eyeopener (no pun intended!!), ...
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Anyone notice the sunspot thats getting bigger?
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Saturn occultation of BY Cancri

My observation was ruined by cloud
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Not quite a new discovery!!

Hi Gang,
I was out observing the other night and had the telescope set up with a medium power eyepice in and was happily drawing Saturn on the pad. All of a sudden a bright orange light appeared from nowhere. At first I wondered what was going on, until I looked away from the telescope to discover that an aeroplane had crossed the field of view and it must have ben the tail light I ...
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Thanks for the answer. I've checked it on NASA ISS web site and it confirms what you thought.
Just off outside now to try and see some Quadrantids!
Thanks again.
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Did anyone else see the planet like light gradually increasing in brightness then fading away to nothing this evening? It lasted about 30 seconds. It was to the lower south west of Mars at about 18.15 this evening.
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Home Made Observatory

In the near future I plan to build my own observatory; having looked at various designs on the web, namely:- Roll off, traditional dome, tarpaulin(!) et al, is there anybody located in the South West, (Cornwall / W. Devon) who would be willing to let me have a look at there own facility for first hand inspiration. Also, as I wish to progress to imaging, any advice on this subject would also be greatly appreciated. ...
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Meteor Shower Quadrantids

Has anyone seen this meteor shower yet.Skys have been really clouded lateley so was wondering what the best time of night to look for this.
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