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New Moon!

Hi Gang,
Just wanted to point your attention to Andy (BigDipper) Moon announcement. There is a chance tonight, if you're lucky, to see the Moon as an extremely thin cresent about 40 minutes after Sunset. Good luck and thanks for the heads up Andy!
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Who'd like to help a complete beginner?

Having just received notice of a possible aurora I now realise I haven't a clue what to do next. Which direction of the sky should I look and what time of day? Any other tips would be very welcome.

Cheers everyone,
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dobsonian transport

hi,guys any ideas for transporting a 12'' dobbo,in the boot of
car,with regards to protecting the optics.i have a good dark site,but it's up a bumpy,forestry road.i can break it down,but i'm afraid of damaging it.
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New Webcam On The Way

Hi Gang,
I have never used a webcam before, so this posting is a forewarning of plenty of questions to come. Peter's webcam article in the may issue was brilliant and had a lot of useful advice in it. Thanks Peter!
No doubt I will have tons more to ask soon but my webcam is a Philips DMVC 1300K, now I don't know whether this will be good for astro or not but maybe someone ...
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Comet Nr Jupiter???

Did anyone see what looked like a comet or a cloud or a high sky anomoly with two tails tonight?, just to the top left of Jupiter? (23/04/06 23:21). Im in Scotland with crystal clear skies and a 8" Bresser Newtonian. My star software says no but it's really bright and at low mag looks like a large smoke ring?! What is it?
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Large prom 2006-04-22 (PST)

Hi all,

Some nice solar activity visible on the 22nd April 2006. No idea if the large prom is still there (23rd) as it's raining at the moment. If you have H-alpha gear and it's clear - take a look.

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lyrids meteor shower

hi,all, anyone been on a meteor watch!!
this is my main passion,meteors,comets. i,ve been so wrapped up with
73P/SW, i have not even managed a single meteor watch.
i hope to get one 'in'.anyone seen any meteors!.
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ISS-visible passes

Hi all if anyone have not seen the ISS going across the night sky log into You don't need a telescope or bins to see the iss just a clear sky.mark rigdon
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Quasar 2C273

Yesterday I managed to view the Quasar 2C273 mentioned in the S@N mag's stargazing guide by starhopping from eta Virginis which pushed back my distance record by many hundred million light years.

As a bonus I got to see the nearby SS Virginis (which I didn't really know about) which was of an extremely deep red colour.
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First Light (lastnight)

First clear Sky's tonight so i thought id just sit there and stare up and try and learn me way around.

Managed for 100% sure to find Polaris (dont laugh) then Uma minor, can never seem to see two of the fainter stars normally, onto Bootes, Knew Saturn was around in Cancer somewhere but had to go out the front to try and find her.

Sat on the car bonnet and after my eyes had ...
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