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Viewing the Sun

Today as there was a solar eclpise a question passed through my head.
What is the best way to see the Sun (considering both sun's image and price)?
Using a SolarMax telescope or using an Ha filter or a Calcium K filter?
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Partial solar eclipse took through telescope..

Not too great, but was pleased with how they come out.

Got the last half of it all (other side of it tho due to telescope, so looks like it started but was the finish of it all)..Last bit of sun to go and clouds rolled in..

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How "good" is your observing site?

Hi Gang,
Sounds like Andys question but it's a different concept. In my garden where I observe from I have a fantastic view of almost every horizon, the northern horizon slightly obstructed! Light pollution isn't bad either, friends and neighbours keep their lighting to a minimum when I have the scope out.
Whats your observing site like? Any obstructions with people or buildings etc. and if so how have you gotten passed it?
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Comet Pojmanski Pictures

Hi Gang,
Did anyone manage to get an image of the recent comet as I only glimpsed it in a break in the cloudcover?
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How good is your observing site?

Found this useful link on another forum to help people gague their limiting visual magnitude.

Check it out & then post your magnitude.

On a good night I can reach ~4. However, on most nights it's ~3-4.

Not the best you can get by any means.
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Having just purchased a Coronado PST does anyone use the Cemax eyepieces which I understand are for Ha viewing - are they any better than ordinary eyepieces ? Currently I'm using a Celestron X-CEL 10mm eyepiece.

Best Wishes

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Barlow Lens - whats the differnce

I'm trying to obtain some images of the sun throught my Coronado PST but I understand this can be a problem when using a DSLR one option I've been told is to use s Shorty Barlow lens - Is there any diffenence between that and an ordinary Barlow ? The other option I've been informed is to physically remove the extension piece between the PST's blocking filter and body - an unnoficial modification that may ...
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The Moon tonight

I took this photo at 20:43 UTC tonight. There are annotations on the original link.
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How do you 'observe' the night sky?

This probably seems like an odd question so I'd better explain what I mean. I was just curious to see what sort of split we had here amongst telescope owners as to how many observe the traditional way - i.e. by putting their eye to the eyepiece.........and how many use an 'electronic' method of viewing an image on a laptop.

I'm most definitely a 'traditionalist' (especially as I don't own a laptop) and enjoy looking ...
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What a difference!

Hi Gang,
My 8-24mm zoom eyepiece came yestereday and last night was my first night of observation with it. Fantastic. This eyepiece takes the place of every plossyl eyepiece from 8mm to 24mm. Very smooth running and no problems with the optics whatsoever. I would recommend one of these to everyone, if nothing else it saves a lot of time swapping the eyepieces.
Brilliant views of a beautiful cresent moon, saturn and plenty of deep ...
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