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PST shot of AR10875 2006-04-29

This sunspot group continues to show loads of nice detail. Here's my PST shot of the region...

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New Moon!

Hi Gang,
Just wanted to point your attention to Andy (BigDipper) Moon announcement. There is a chance tonight, if you're lucky, to see the Moon as an extremely thin cresent about 40 minutes after Sunset. Good luck and thanks for the heads up Andy!
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Who'd like to help a complete beginner?

Having just received notice of a possible aurora I now realise I haven't a clue what to do next. Which direction of the sky should I look and what time of day? Any other tips would be very welcome.

Cheers everyone,
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dobsonian transport

hi,guys any ideas for transporting a 12'' dobbo,in the boot of
car,with regards to protecting the optics.i have a good dark site,but it's up a bumpy,forestry road.i can break it down,but i'm afraid of damaging it.
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New Webcam On The Way

Hi Gang,
I have never used a webcam before, so this posting is a forewarning of plenty of questions to come. Peter's webcam article in the may issue was brilliant and had a lot of useful advice in it. Thanks Peter!
No doubt I will have tons more to ask soon but my webcam is a Philips DMVC 1300K, now I don't know whether this will be good for astro or not but maybe someone ...
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Comet Nr Jupiter???

Did anyone see what looked like a comet or a cloud or a high sky anomoly with two tails tonight?, just to the top left of Jupiter? (23/04/06 23:21). Im in Scotland with crystal clear skies and a 8" Bresser Newtonian. My star software says no but it's really bright and at low mag looks like a large smoke ring?! What is it?
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Large prom 2006-04-22 (PST)

Hi all,

Some nice solar activity visible on the 22nd April 2006. No idea if the large prom is still there (23rd) as it's raining at the moment. If you have H-alpha gear and it's clear - take a look.

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lyrids meteor shower

hi,all, anyone been on a meteor watch!!
this is my main passion,meteors,comets. i,ve been so wrapped up with
73P/SW, i have not even managed a single meteor watch.
i hope to get one 'in'.anyone seen any meteors!.
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ISS-visible passes

Hi all if anyone have not seen the ISS going across the night sky log into You don't need a telescope or bins to see the iss just a clear sky.mark rigdon
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Quasar 2C273

Yesterday I managed to view the Quasar 2C273 mentioned in the S@N mag's stargazing guide by starhopping from eta Virginis which pushed back my distance record by many hundred million light years.

As a bonus I got to see the nearby SS Virginis (which I didn't really know about) which was of an extremely deep red colour.
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