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Orion Wide field

Put the 350D on a tripod last night and took a little wide field shot, still learning but can see orion through the LP. ISO 800 for 20 seconds at about 20.00 hrs.


Can't delete this thread?? I will repost when I have the link to the picture sorted out.
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Moon with Earthshine

Reasonably clear sky tonight and the most beautiful Moon with Earthshine! This image taken at 19:30 this evening sadly does not do it justice but is was an amazing sight!

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Comet Pojmanski

Has anyone seen Comet Pojmanski yet?I realise that it's presently only visible in the UK for a short period just before dawn,but spotting it with binoculars shouldn't be too difficult,as it's presently only about 7 degrees left of Venus.
Maybe someone has been on holiday south of the equator and seen it then.
I've read that it's currently at magnitude 5.5,I don't know how bright it's going to get,but I think it will be readily ...
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Favourite Deep sky object!

Hi Gang,
I hope this is the right area to post this thread in.
I guess my favourite deep sky object was the first object I found by myself, namely M57 The Ring Nebula in Lyra. After that I guess it's M42 The great Orion nebula and The Andromeda spiral.
What is your favourite?
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Visibility of the Rosette nebula

The parallelogram shape of the cluster is pretty easy to make out - even with binoculars - but has anyone here ever managed to view the actual surrounding nebula? I've tried many times from my light polluted site, waiting until the Rosette is near the meridian & hence highest in the sky, choosing nights of greatest transparency. Alas, no luck!

Do report your sucesses or otherwise below, advising what equipment you used & what ...
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Colonisation-No Thanks

Carl Sagan once said to a reporter 'Man shouldent go to the planets becuase we'll bu**er them up'.While Im not arguing against unmanned probes exploring the solar system I'm of the opinion we should not try to terraform and colonise the Moon and planets.Not only would it be very expensive in both money and lives(because things will go wrong)I think they should be kept as wilderness areas and not defiled to satisfy the ego of ...
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Deep Sky to die for!

Just found this bloke's site from Arizona. . Have a look at some of his images, absolutely amazing especially my favourite, M57.
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Have you seen the Flame nebula?

By 'see' I mean through an eyepiece (as opposed to using a laptop & CCD camera). This object should be considerably easier to spot than its neighbour IC434 - but I must confess that even through my 11" SCT from a city sky, I have never been able to detect it. I managed to home in on it for the image below merely by using my setting circles.

So I was wondering whether those of ...
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The Ring Vs The Dumbell nebula

Here's a debate that I've started on other forums. Argueably the two 'grandest' planetary nebulae visible in the summer sky are the Ring nebula (M57) and the Dumbell nebula (M27). Both can be seen through even modest apertures.

So which gets your vote as being the showpiece of the two? In other words, which one looks to be the most impressive to you at the eyepiece?

I'll start the ball rolling. My vote goes to ...
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You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Hi Gang,
Last night was one my best observing sessions to date. Crystal clear skies and no Moon, ideal observing conditions. I have always used medium to high power eyepieces thinking that a low power would "take the edge" of the views I was getting.However, I took the plunge recently and bought a 40mm wide angle plossl and last night was the first night that I had used it. What an eyeopener (no pun intended!!), ...
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