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First Light (lastnight)

First clear Sky's tonight so i thought id just sit there and stare up and try and learn me way around.

Managed for 100% sure to find Polaris (dont laugh) then Uma minor, can never seem to see two of the fainter stars normally, onto Bootes, Knew Saturn was around in Cancer somewhere but had to go out the front to try and find her.

Sat on the car bonnet and after my eyes had ...
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Venus today

Some daytime images of Venus taken today 11:00 local time,Venus is still to low here at North 60 deg, and also a big tree was in the way, images at: I have to short focal length ,need a 5xBarlow.Because the condition i have to use only 30 sec avi at 10fps h-g
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Lunar highlights.

Hi Gang,
I don't imagine that there is a single person who owns a telescope that has not looked at the Moon at some point. It is my favourite object to look at in the night sky, and on the surface I have two favourite objects to view! When the lighting is right, I don't think there is a more splendid sight than the Sinus Iridium, the beautiful bay of rainbows. Surrounded by the Jura ...
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The sky during totality and other views!

Hi Gang,

I've just finished another montage of the total eclipse in Turkey (viewable on my blog). I've included a shot of the sky during totality because I think it conveys the atmosphere of the event and the incredible 'sunset' colours. Also Venus is visible to the top of the image. If you haven't already checked them out, Pete (Starman) has some amazing images here, and Jonathan (jjdemery) has some great pics of people observing ...
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Total solar eclipse - 1st go at imaging

Hi everybody,
Just joined the forum, and thought you might be interested in my photos. I have set up an album in the members photos section of the gallery - please feel free to comment (good or bad!)

I have to admit it was one of my most memorable experiences to date! I'd planned, read, surfed the web and talked to experts. I thought I knew what was going to happen, but WOW when totality ...
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Full Moon astrophotography

Hi gang,

Last night was the full Moon and I managed to get a shot of it through the fleeting clouds. I've placed an image on my blog if anyone's interested.

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Apollo Mission Photos & Mapping.

I'm not sure if this is the right area to post this.
For anybody interested in the Apollo Project, I have found this wonderful link that featues thousands of photographs (nearly 25,000!) taken by the 13 missions (4 to 17 and including Apollo 13).
It really is worth the look.
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New Planetary Imaging Set-up - 1st test

I recently aquired one the new Philips SPC900NC web-cams, that has replaced the now discontinued ToUcam Pro. I was interested to see how it compared with my Meade LPI.

I also bought a TeleVue X5 Power Mate to use with it, when attached to my ED80 Refractor.

Last night, depsite less than ideal conditions, a very bright sky due to the almost full moon and breezy, I decided to give it 'first light' on Saturn. ...
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Lots of proms...

A fairly active Sun yesterday
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New Moon Photo


I've taken an image of last nights Gibbous Moon it's available in the photo gallery ...

Comments appreciated


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