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Did anyone else see the planet like light gradually increasing in brightness then fading away to nothing this evening? It lasted about 30 seconds. It was to the lower south west of Mars at about 18.15 this evening.
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Home Made Observatory

In the near future I plan to build my own observatory; having looked at various designs on the web, namely:- Roll off, traditional dome, tarpaulin(!) et al, is there anybody located in the South West, (Cornwall / W. Devon) who would be willing to let me have a look at there own facility for first hand inspiration. Also, as I wish to progress to imaging, any advice on this subject would also be greatly appreciated. ...
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Meteor Shower Quadrantids

Has anyone seen this meteor shower yet.Skys have been really clouded lateley so was wondering what the best time of night to look for this.
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Small 1/4 moon shaped object

Strange request, anyone have any ideas what I'm looking at... its very interesting to say the least ?
It appears like a 1/4 moon but only about1mm size in a 7mm eyepeice on a 70mm refractor.
Its roughly setting in the south east almost at the horizon (Well the roofs of the houses)
I'm near upminster in essex uk

Gaz n Maz
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Lunar eclipse predictions

Does anyone know when the next total lunar eclsipse visible from the UK is?
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An encounter with Mars

Mars in December. My only decent image this year. 12 GPS and ToUcam Pro
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Saturn rises - 17/12/2005

Well here are my first semi-decent pictures of Saturn for this season. Seeing conditions were not great and focusing was rather hit and miss. Still, it's amazing what Registax can do to an AVI file!
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Mars at its closest

November was the month when Mars came to its closest to Earth! Did anyone get any Pictures?

Mine didnt come out too well.
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Favourite constellation

Out of the 88 constellations up there (many of which are not visible from the UK, of course), do you have a favourite.............and why?

Probably at the top of the list will come Orion. And had we been living in the southern hemisphere, no doubt Scorpius & Sagittarius would be near the top of the list. However my vote goes to Cygnus, the Swan. This constellation has majestic star fields which can even look impressive ...
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The Ring Vs The Dumbell

I started this debate on another forum as to which looked most impressive through the scope.............the tiny celestial smoke ring, M57 - or the Dumbell nebula, M27. Opinions were mixed.

So which looks most impressive? My vote goes to the Dumbell. To me it just seems a good bit bigger & brighter than the Ring. It is also easier, in my view, to image as it has a nice bright guide star in view which, ...
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