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Cone nebula/Xmas tree

Hi all I managed to take this image last week aslo I checked on platesolver and this is the details it gave me which were Christmas Tree cluster,NGC 2264,The star 15Mon.I used this image and platesolver gave me as the image by using sdss on their system as an experiment.I thought I would share.Thanks for looking.I did the first in black and white and the second in colour,also did the third image in Hdr.
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Triangulum Galaxy

Having tuned up the tracking on the 11" telescope, I thought I would try once again to image the Triangulum Galaxy. It is a large object but very dim. I got 8 successful and reasonably sharp 60sec images.
Stacking them yielded this image.

For simplicity I used the Canon, and had a go at training the mount for Periodic Error Correction, which seems to have helped. I would probably have done better with the ...
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M42 Orion nebula

Hi all this is my first image with my colour camera,thanks for looking.
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Meteor November 12th ... ed-public/

I took multiple exposures with my DSLR at 18mm focal length, ISO6400 and 5 seconds exposure.
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October Summary and Links

#PhilipPugh My October #astronomy summary with links to the full report and photo video is here: ... ctive.html
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M45 Pleiades

Hi all had an experiment with my 60mm Guider scope on the 27th October and this is the result.I hope you enjoy and I used my mono camera.
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Late on the 22nd October I was experimenting with running some video using the all-sky camera. At the moment I'm limited to 1sec exposures per frame, but at least there is a continuous record of the sky. I wish I had been outside to see this. Compare brightness of meteor with recorded stars.
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Ghost Star.

After weeks of bad weather, full moons when it wasn't, and a string of colds, I finally got out under a clear, dark sky. I used the star Mirach to check the alignment, and adjust the focussing. I was initially puzzled by a nearby fuzzy star. I thought it might be a comet, but it wasn't on any list. It briefly crossed my mind that it might be an undiscovered comet. However upon checking the ...
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M13 using deepskystacker

Hi all I have processed 27 images through deepskystacker and here are the results.I did these images when the full moon was out.Thanks for looking.
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