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Ghost Star.

After weeks of bad weather, full moons when it wasn't, and a string of colds, I finally got out under a clear, dark sky. I used the star Mirach to check the alignment, and adjust the focussing. I was initially puzzled by a nearby fuzzy star. I thought it might be a comet, but it wasn't on any list. It briefly crossed my mind that it might be an undiscovered comet. However upon checking the ...
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M13 using deepskystacker

Hi all I have processed 27 images through deepskystacker and here are the results.I did these images when the full moon was out.Thanks for looking.
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Few moon Images

Hi all I managed to take a few moon images last night and I have managed to stitch the first one with 24 images.I also managed to use a 2xbarlow on the last image.I hope you enjoy.
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Three new sunspots

Hi all I have a few images of the sun on the 29/09/2017.Hope you enjoy.I also managed to use a 2xbarlow.
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The Ring Nebula

It must be obvious by now but planetary nebulas are a bit of a favourite of mine!
The Ring Nebula in Lyra is nice and high at the moment. A distinctive little grey ring in any telescope becomes a traffic light of colour with just 30secs exposure. This is 11 of those stacked together.

Yes, that little star in the middle is the one that blew off this gas ring.
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Imaging from Astrofarm in France Imaging from Astrofarm in France

We're staying a couple of nights at Astrofarm, a B&B/Gite location dedicated for Astronomers.
Set up by a Brit who's been involved with amateur astronomy for many years, it's got really good dark skies.
Here's an image taken last night using a 200mm, f/2.8 lens - 4x 120second images at ISO 1600
M31 4 stack.jpg
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The Blue Snowball

The 'Blue Snowball' is a planetary nebula. (NGC 7662) It is technically in Andromeda, but is well away from any bright stars. It is a fine sight in a telescope, being quite bright. Its 'blueness' is very noteable.
This image is a quick one. I hope to do a better, more detailed images later.
It always reminds me of an old small filament torch bulb.
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August Report

The highlight was the Perseids. This contains links to the full report and video: ... ctive.html
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Mystery Object

At 1824UT on the 28th August I was taking a series of photos of the moon, when I was surprised to see a star-like object coming across the frame. Thinking it was a star which was apparently moving because the telescope was actually following the moon, I expected it to pass behind the moon. However, the object passed in front of the moon. Obviously not a star, and probably an artificial satellite, or piece of ...
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