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Sunspot 2696 and overexposed shot of edge.

Hi I have done a couple of images of the sun today,just to test out my Skywatcher 80 ed with a solar fiter to see if I could get focus on my Gpam290c and this is what i ended with,hope you enjoy.
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Comet Panstarrs (R2) and Comet Heinze

A 10th magnitude comet is not normally something that I go for, but rumours of a wobbly, disjointed tail seemed too interesting to over-look, so I had a go on 7th Jan. It is located near to Taurus' nose, and wasn't difficult to find. Imaging the faint tail was another matter, but 10 successful 60sec images have just about brought it out.


There is also Comet Heinze, another 10th magnitude which is close enough ...
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This morning's conjunction

Up at 6am to try and catch the Mars/Jupiter conjunction.
Didn't fancy spending the time out to do an alignment, so this is using a 102mm f/12.7 Mak on an untracking mount.
1s exposure at 1600 ISO
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Plato and Mountains

A fairly high moon on the 27th December yielded some good photos, but cloud soon rolled in.
This is the crater Plato, which can show details inside the crater, but sometimes doesn't. At one time people believed that there must be occasional mists inside the crater to account for this. That now seems unlikely, but for some reason this time no detail appeared. :o Contrast that with ...
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Slow moving object 17th December 2017 Slow moving object 17th December 2017

Can anyone help identify the slow moving object I captured on 17th December? The attached star trail image was constructed from about 2 hours of 15 sec exposures taken at 30 sec intervals. I was hoping to capture a few late Geminids meteors, but instead caught the slow moving object at the top right of the image. At first I thought it was a stuck pixel, but it first appears about 1 hour into the ...
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The Crab Nebula

I find the supernova remnant 'Crab Nebula' difficult to see through a telescope, let alone image. It is fairly small too. I managed 10 x 1 min exposures using the ZWO. Each one barely showed a grey oval. However stacking them, and using a bit of processing brought out this image.
The exploded star's atmosphere has been reduced to these filaments which are the inner part of the nebula, and can be seen in ...
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Orion Nebula - multiple exposures.

One of the biggest problems with the Orion Nebula is the very bright centre, and very dim periphery. A single exposure exposing the tenuous whispy exterior means grossly over exposing the trapezium and the neblousity around it. A good friend of mine, Chris from Alabama, USA, explained to me how some people have taken different exposure times and then nested the shorter exposures inside the over exposed parts of the longer exposures.
So on the ...
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M42 Orion nebula with meteor

Hi all I managed to get these shots last night and managed to get a meteor on one of the images,so thought I would share.Thanks for looking.
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