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Home made solar Baader filter

Home made solar Baader filter just waiting for Baader continuum filter now


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ANY advice on how to make a mount appreciated thanks

Ok there must be many links somewhere to how to make a dob mount, I have decided to keep the scope I have just bought (tube) 6" skywatcher and make a mount for it so that it can be used by people who want to borrow it but can not afford a scope.

Here it is in photo

I paid £65 including electronic focuser (made an offer and got it)

ANY advice on how to ...
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Hi, i'm very much the novice here, with next to no equiptment and even less money to spend but i'm interested in some astrophotography. I understand that you need a decent exposure time to capture anything other than bright sky objects, but to avoid trails you then need some sort of tracking mount. Anyway my question is, is it possible to build such a mount, from scratch, or with some parts, to cut costs. What ...
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John Dobson video

Hi all,

I'm sure many of you will have seen it but I recommend searching out 'Telescope Building with John Dobson' video on YouTube. I learnt more about how my scope is put together (and how I could try making my own one day!) from this video than anything else I've seen or read.

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Dobsonian mount for existing OTA?

Hi all,

I have a 10" SkyWatcher OTA which I'd like to use on a dob mount. Now I know I can build one - and may still do so - but I wondered if anyone can recommend a source for the mount only?

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The bought versus the built.

I was going to post asking for the collective wisdom on the merits of self built against off-the-shelf. Can a self build really save you money? Is it really sensible to embark on a build when all the combined costs arrive at the same amount of money of a decent similar aperture instrument?

But then I find myself coming up against too many naysayers, and rightly or wrong, I feel even more dogged in my ...
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Building your own telescopes

Hi there,

I am a complete newbie when it comes to astronomy, as i have only just purchased my first set of binoculars.

But, my next step up i am very interested in having a go at building my own telescope.

I have purchased an old copy of "Build your own telescopes" by a fella called Richard Berry.

I thought it would be a nice and simple task, but I have fallen short at the ...
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Lightbridge dark baffling

Hi all,

The latest mod to my Lightbridge is an attempt to reduce the surface reflections from the inside of the upper OTA.

On a Lightbridge there's a lot of white and silver paint there and so masking it off with material which reflects light poorly seemed to be a good idea.

The material used here is self adhesive black felt which I cut to the right size and (after about three attempts) managed to ...
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Lightbridge dust cover

Hi all,

Just for good measure, here's a pic of the dust cover I made for my Lightbridge.

Again, made from flexible foam rubber insulation material and painted white with flexible paint.

It really is the biz at keeping out the dust and fits snug over the OTA.

The foam rubber comes from the factory in black so painting it white really is required or you'll lose it in the dark!


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Meade Lightbridge baffle

Hi all,

Here is a photo of the baffle I have made for my dob.

It's made from foam rubber sheet (used by the insulation industry) and then painted white with flexible paint.

It seems to fit perfectly well and no doubt will help in cooling the mirror by increasing fan efficiency.

I'd really like to find a good way of counterbalancing this scope though - so if anyone has any ideas on how to ...
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