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Using a magnifying shaving mirror as a primary mirror

I am new to this telescope making business and am wondering if anyone has built a telescope using an ordinary magnifying shaving mirror. My local pharmacist has a large stock of various sized mirrors from about 4" to 9" diameter.. I know that focal distance would have to be measured but is the optical quality or lack of it not worth pursuing this line of thought

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Re-painted my mount covers

Well seeing as tho the weather is pants on this bank holiday, i thought it was time to spruce up the plastic covers on my alt-az mount, so off i went to get some paint, i wanted to keep the sky watcher logo silver so i filled the writing up with play-do and got cracking. After 4 coats of black bumper paint its looking alot better than the scratched silver cover. So once the paint ...
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Lining OTA with cork

I have seen Newtonians lined with cork on the inside of the optical tube, supposedly to reduce thermals in the tube. Is this likely to be of much benefit on my Orion Optics 10" Newt? Or would it be better to fit a 12V fan below the primary mirror? Thanks!
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Design for a Lightbox for an ST102 ?

Hi Guys

Has anyone got a design for a homemade Lightbox for an ST 102 ?


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Any f/8 f/12 'Planetonians" out there

Anyone making in the UK reflectors for planetary work?
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Can a periscope or a telescope make you see other planets?

Can a periscope or a telescope make you see other planets? And if not then what is the instrument that can make you see out of this world? Cause my son wants one. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Testing the optics of your telescope

You will gain experience in using your telescope especially if you direct your attention to the main points of quality. You will find in time that you will become critical of imperfections of your telescope, casual or inherent. When you test your telescope's optics, you should be careful and pay close attention to your own eyesight and be guided by proper directions and only then will you have a good idea of the quality of ...
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help with rebuild

Hi all, was wondering if there are any uk based optical mirror suppliers? I,ve been given an unwanted telescope,think its a seben 1400/150 yuk! i,ve got new barlow and new plossl,s (celestron) but the mirror looks naff and i am unable to get a sharp focus so rather than throw it out ,i am wondering if i can buy better quality primary and secondary mirror and end up with a usable scope. i,ve recently retired ...
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homemade wedge of to be made tomorrow

I am heading to a metal fabricators tommorow to hopfully get my wedge made for my lx90

i have been 2 hours tonight making a blue peter type model as it hard to explain even with drawings so i thought i would post my sticky back and cardboard wedge

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Let Project 'Skye-Scope' Begin....

I have had these babies in a box for a year...

so it's time to do something with them...

I don't need a new shaving mirror...

so thought an 8 inch f6 Newtonian might make use of them...

I have some heavy cardboard tube and a load of tools.

Will use this part of the forum to 'Document?' my build..

... hopefully right up to mounting and using it.

Keep a watch out for updates ...
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