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Post your progress here!

If you are building the telescope which we had in our 'How to build your own telescope' features earlier this year, in the magazine, then why not post up some pictures and tips on how you are getting on? We've had a great response and it's great to see some pictures appearing on the forum.
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Help with Perseus Teelscope


Newcastle upon Tyne Astronomical Society recently acquired a Grubb Parsons "Perseus" 225 mmm Cassegrain from a school that was about to be demolished.

Newcastle Astronomical Society Perseus Telescope

The telescope dates from 1984 and appears to be in fairly good condition but is missing the hand controller to start and stop the drives.

Does anyone have any information - or might know where we can obtain some information - so that we can fashion ...
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Finally got round to balancing the OTA

At last my Heavily overloaded CPC has been balanced ... could hear it breathing a sigh of relief...

4.6kg of brass and a non-cpc counter weight rail (non CPC till I got my hands on it ) A couple of mins to make an adaptor plate to pick up the two hole rear fixing on the cpc instead of the single hole meade type...15 mins on the bandsaw to cut through the 3" diameter ...
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Altazimuth Mount

I just got bounced out of preview, so I hope I don't repeat myself. I recently purchased a 6" refractor from D @ G Telescopes located in central Pa. It is seven feet long and weighs approximately 20 pounds. I have already obtained the universal mounting plate and O rings, and I would now like to build an altazimuth mount constructed mostly out of wood. My only concern is that the mount would be ...
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+/- 90 degree and 000-100 Scales

Inspired again By Skywatcher I knocked these up...

They are availabe Here in 150,300,600 and 1200 DPI formats...

I Have fitted the +/- 90 degree scales to my WO Field Flattner III and the 000-100 to the LHS knob of the Dual Spped Crayford Focuser on my "66"

Hope someone finds them useful...Use tahn as you will...


p.s. Skywatcher your Mailbox is full

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many mirrors one focal point

My question, since im planning on making my own telescope but don’t want to buy and expensive large mirror, or spend ages grinding my own and sending it away to get silvered is...
Can I use many small mirrors all with the same focal length to focus incoming light to one focal point? Will this be as effective (or close to) the light gathering capability’s of a single mirror with the same surface area?
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Cheap parfocalising rings

Hi all, in the quest for making my life easier I had a look at parfocalising rings, so simple in design I thought I should be able to make a couple. I used some of the tubing I bought from wickes that I used as the focus draw tube/EP holder for my homemade finderscope, it's got an inner diameter of slightly over 1.25" so its a very nice fit :) I simply cut myself off ...
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more DIY, mods and a writeup of the spc900nc lx mod

Hi Gang, just thought I'd let everyone know of my experiences in building stuff this week with a little write up of my spc900nc LX mod and the parallel to serial adapter just to clarify some points through my time doing it :)

I made the parallel to serial adapter for the LX mod, nice and simple and all fits inside a nice little enclosure maplins do, I also finished the EOS to serial adapter ...
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Room for one more?

Ok ...

My CPC800XLT is now seriously "Phat"....;)

Just added a mount for a DSLR with "normal" lenses on it as well....only space left was on one of the guide rings so I made an adaptor bracket out of duralumin to take one of my Manfroto Ball Joints..


Think I have just about got all the bases covered now...apart from the 3D balancing system which is the next project once I have scrounged the ...
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my fibre optic star

my 62.5 uM fibre and leds arrived today so i built the fibre optic star this aternoon ( it took 30 minutes to build it).


1x 470 ohm resistor
1x 20000mcd led
1x 240v ac - 12v dc transformer
1x custard tin
1x 62.5 uM fibre optic patch cable

i have attached a photo below


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