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Cheap parfocalising rings

Hi all, in the quest for making my life easier I had a look at parfocalising rings, so simple in design I thought I should be able to make a couple. I used some of the tubing I bought from wickes that I used as the focus draw tube/EP holder for my homemade finderscope, it's got an inner diameter of slightly over 1.25" so its a very nice fit :) I simply cut myself off ...
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more DIY, mods and a writeup of the spc900nc lx mod

Hi Gang, just thought I'd let everyone know of my experiences in building stuff this week with a little write up of my spc900nc LX mod and the parallel to serial adapter just to clarify some points through my time doing it :)

I made the parallel to serial adapter for the LX mod, nice and simple and all fits inside a nice little enclosure maplins do, I also finished the EOS to serial adapter ...
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Room for one more?

Ok ...

My CPC800XLT is now seriously "Phat"....;)

Just added a mount for a DSLR with "normal" lenses on it as well....only space left was on one of the guide rings so I made an adaptor bracket out of duralumin to take one of my Manfroto Ball Joints..


Think I have just about got all the bases covered now...apart from the 3D balancing system which is the next project once I have scrounged the ...
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my fibre optic star

my 62.5 uM fibre and leds arrived today so i built the fibre optic star this aternoon ( it took 30 minutes to build it).


1x 470 ohm resistor
1x 20000mcd led
1x 240v ac - 12v dc transformer
1x custard tin
1x 62.5 uM fibre optic patch cable

i have attached a photo below


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A Cheap Fibre Optic Star

Well here it is... total cost about £15 in the batteries...


The fibres start for a few quid on ebay and they are dual fibres with one 62.5um and one 125um fibre side by side...

The 62.5um turned up today courtesy of a fellow forum member and Thanks very much for it

Here's the results using the approx 0.8mm plastic fibre that comes with the kit at 36m


and here's the first ...
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A couple more mods and a finished hand controller for the focuser

Hi all, I had another day of modding stuff yesterday, 2 mods and I finished the handcontroller for my electric focuser. Little warning notice, all of these mods were performed by me, a complete and total n00b when it comes to modifying hardware. The details are not intended to be completely full and accurate descriptions of all the steps I took, if you perform any of these yourself and you manage to break something it's ...

Inspired by Skywatcher - That's Steve not the telescope maker of the same name ;)

Having not only hi-jacked Steves M64 - The Black Eye Galaxy Thread....but also his idea (apologise for both Steve)... I decide to move the Skywatcher inspired 500mm slr lens guide scope "project" into this thread.

The story so far... (copied from the other thread)

Hi Steve,

I picked a similar M42 fitting lens up on ebay a few months ago and had made an m42-1.25" adaptor for use with some old lenses and a meade ...

tube for a dob or newtonian


I had some guttering materials delivered today and they have arrived in a nine foot long heavy duty cardboard tube of just over 8 inch diameter.

My newt project with 8 inch mirror has been on hold due to lack of this material and now it actually lands on my doorstep.

Mine is a truss design, but I will need 2 short lengths to mount the mirror cell and to hold the focuser and ...
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S@N telescope project

Out of curiosity, I was wondering how many readers have began construction of the telescope project detailed in the recent issues of Sky at Night?

If so, have there been any issues / problems in the constuction? or any improvements in the initial design?

Having waited for the 3 issues, I have only just started out making this. Any comments would be welcome.


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LiveView...well sort of..

Having just taken a look at the Website that accompanies Michael Covingtons excellent "Digital SLR Astrophotography" book I followed the following link...


Having a cheap Seagull 2.5X right angled finder and an old V-Gear TalkCam Pro hanging around I decided to give it a go...

Best bit was the "lens ring" on the front of the Webcam was a snug fit into the aperture on the RA finder so it all just pushed together... ...
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