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Scissor type curved bolt camera mount


posted this in Cloudynights, but thought it might be of interest here too.

I was thinking of making a curved bolt barn door mount for a while. After seeing the Astrotrac design I decided to try something similar. I thought it might be more compact and have less PE due to the faster nut speed.

Well a month later I managed something like it. It still looks a bit rough - haven't painted it ...
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Converting Camera Lens

I have a 400mm f6.3 (60mm objective) T-Mount lens with an M42 adapter. Does anyone know of an easy way to adapt this to use as a telescope? Is there any point? I'd like something a little more portable than my 8" reflector but am reluctant to spend lots of cash if the results aren't going to be worth it or if I might as well buy a cheap refractor from ebay...

Many thanks in ...
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Grind your own mirror video

Hi everyone,

If you have been reading the latest 'How To' article on grinding your own mirror (in the May 2008 Issue of the magazine) you might find this video useful.

It's a 2 minute taster of our new video by Terry Pearce and Simon Lang on how to make your own telescope mirror. The full 40 minute version (a BBC Sky At Night magazine exclusive) is going to be posted on the website soon. ...
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80mm PST finally complete

The view was wonderful, dull, as the disc is blank, but astigmatism, clear and high resolution...the two very small proms (one small loop) were clearer then I had ever seen before, both at the CCD, and at the eyepiece

Loved it

The scope is a WO80 Zenithstar II ST
The ERF is a Baader C-ERF
The PST part is the etalon only
The adapters from Ambermile UK and a standard AE AC307 SCT adapter ...
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What's in it, to build a telescope!

Before I bought my scope, I read all I could about making my own telescope. As an old tinkerer, the prospect of creating something was becoming exciting. I have all the necessary 'infrastructure' like lathe, milling machine, cutoff saw, etc., so making up parts was no real obstacle. What I was not prepared for was the agonising process of producing a parabolic mirror!. I could see the students in a class who tried doing it, ...
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Using a compact digital Camera to capture shots

Hi All!

Tried my hand at astro photography in daylight with limited success at first! No I wasn't affected by Lupus. To see if I could find a combination of lenses to use with my 10" Newtonian reflector, I focussed on a distant pine tree and observed good detail of fronds and pine cones. Then I wanted to use my Canon Ixus 70 compact (I think most other compacts will do) to see if I ...
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mounting a dslr on a eq mount

i am planning on making an equatorial mount to dslr adapter (there is a drawing attached) but i was wondering what size the bolt that screws into botom of the camera is and is it a common size. it is coloured red on the drawing.

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The WWW is being superceeded by the SAW

Managed to scrounge enough scrap ally plate to make a replacement for the Wobbly Wooden Wedge...The Scrap Ally Wedge ;)

Last weeks encouraging experiments with the roughly aligned WWW and the autoguiding setup made me decide to make an Ally version to use as a "field" wedge where fine adjustment wouldnt be so much of an issue - especialy when autoguiding and imaging through the "66".

The dreary weather means no possibility of any observing ...
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Will Williams Wobbly Wooden Wedge Work Wonders We Wonder....?

Ok substituted William for Billy just to keep the theme going...

Have added a 12mm stainless threaded support bar to the rear overhang of the wedge which also allows me to adjust the angle of the dangle of the widget on the wotnot....

Basically the flat fron tface of the angled plate is now aligned E-W (pointing north and allowed for the 3.8W magnetic deviation) and the plate is inclined at 51.7 degrees to the ...
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Go on have a laugh.. A wobbly Wooden Wedge

Having spent a frustrating few hours trying to get PHD to autoguide the 8" in Alt/Az I decided it was time to try out a few things for the inevitable wedge project...

I still had a few things I wanted to check out - like getting the COG over the center of the tripod etc and decide on a practical rather than theoretical exercise in seeing how it will all work...

So Inspired by the ...
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