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An idea ... not strictly telescope making but ...

My brain has been at it again, which has spawned the question of the day. Is there any reason why a laser shouldn't be substituted for a polar scope in a standard eq5 type mount? Is there such a thing and I'm reinventing the wheel or have I just generated the copyright on a potential moneyspinner?

I can't see a obvious negative ... I'd have to knock up some kind of simple mounting assembly ...
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Various DIY "Astro-Engineering"

Various DIY Projects... As it says onthe tin... - Multi-Channel Dewheater Controller and heaters... - A Parallel Motion Mount For my 25x100's... - modified finder bracket (to allow the DSI to fit) and laser pointer mounts...
& Parafocal Tube to allow an eyepiece to be made parafocal with a rear mounted DSLR on an ETX

Next will be the biggy....

A decent wedge for my 8" SCT...Materials acquisition still ongoing...

Billy... ...
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Sky @ Night Magazine - Build a telescope

Whilst not wanting to critisise the Sky at Night magazine, I feel I must comment on the 'build your own telescope' article that has been publicised and promoted for a while.

I thought we would be taken through the 1st steps in building a telescope, but NO. We were shown how to build a desk.....

Come on Sky at Night, dont treat us all like idiots. If we wanted to build a desk we would ...
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DIY Mount

Thinking of building a mount for my dob. Can't really decide which
is best (and easier) between a fork mount, a dob-wedge, or one
of them equatorial platforms (as I hope do try some imaging, field
rotation would be a problem)

Anyone got any thoughts/tips...???
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Telescope making in BBC Sky at Night magazine

Don't miss our three-part tutorial on how to make your very own Dobsonian telescope.

That's 3 tutorials, plus supporting material galore on our cover CD, including videos, detailed plans and more.

Get the February, March and April issues for this great series of articles by Britain's leading telescope-making society.
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optics on e bay
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dew heater

what is the best way to build a 12 v dew heater that wont cause an explosion or fire also where do you attach a dew heater is it on the mirror or the tube. should you have ones on the secondary and eyepiece or not.
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150mm tube

I happen to have an old 6" f/15 achromatic lense hanging about so does anyone know where i could get some tubing to make the scope out of? Anthing between 150mm and 160mm I can work with though it does need to be a decent length, the focal length of the lens is 2.25m so around that.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance,
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Links to further information

Hi all

Just an idea, but I thought a thread where links to other sites that provide useful info could be posted, so here's one from me.

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Making your own dob

I did raise a query about this here but never got any response.

Maybe in this new board someone can help?

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