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New telescope advice please?

After much umming and ahhing I’ve finally decided to splash out on a telescope for my new hobby of stargazing.

I’m 6 feet 3 tall so id prefer to have a telescope that has its own large tripod. However a lot of reviews of reflector telescopes I’ve seen online advise against buying them if you want to avoid kneeling down on wet grass? Does this mean all scopes aren’t able to attach to tripods? ...
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Has Anyone Used An EOS 450D/550D/1200D Please?

Hi Guys, I need a Canon DSLR to try out Astro Photography. Since I need Live View to focus the stars, it needs to be at least an EOS 450D. But for double the money, the same dealer can also supply a 550D or 1200D.
But I do not know if the additional expenditure will significantly improve the images I can take or not.

The 450D has an LCD with only 0.23MP, The 1200D has ...
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Stuck between two Binoculars for Stargazing

Hello everyone,

I am stuck between two binoculars for stargazing.

These models:

Olympus 118760 10 x 50 DPS-I
Celestron SkyMaster 15x70
I am not sure which I should buy. The prices are not that much different, the 10x50 costs 60€ and the 15x70 costs 80€. It goes to a -10€ sale on, so I will wait until that happens (I am a Student, so haha) I also want to buy a tripod for ~25€ ...
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Help aligning finders using a dual finder bracket

I recently purchased a dual finder bracket (Orion Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket) to allow me to have fit an RDS and Skywatcher 9x50 finder to my Skywatcher 130P, however I am unable to align neither the RDS nor 9x50 with the view through my scope.

Has anyone else experienced this problem or have any advice on how I might over come the issue?
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Beginner needs a new finderscope


I'm very new to starwatching, and in trying to align my finderscope I've already wrecked it! I found it really difficult to adjust the screws to align it, and I ended up ruining the thread of one of the screws from screwing it too tightly. I need to get a replacement - does anyone have any advice for a beginner?

I've read a few comments online that right angled finderscopes are difficult to use ...
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ETX-125 AT- moon photography problems

Hello my friends,

I am new here, my name is Majed. I hope to learn from you all that is new,

My first question about Meade ETX-125 AT, Two nights ago photographed the moon through this telescope by used (T-mount) part number 07384LF and Meade # 64 T-adapter to connect the camera canon 600d

But I could not fit the moon disk inside the picture !!!!!!!!!!!

So I got in touch with Meade customer service ...
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A few suggested books (with previews)

If people are just starting out, they often wonder if there are any books they should be getting.

I would recommend two - one of which is commonly recommended, but the other less so.

The commonly recommended one is "Turn Left at Orion" which is a very good starting place for people who want to learn how to find their way around the night sky.

It has a selection of interesting objects to look out ...
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Non-typical Secondary mirror on 20" RC?

We recently discovered that the secondary mirror of our 20" RC has a hole that runs through the center. On the side of the secondary facing the primary there is a metal tube (for lack of a better description) that projects towards the primary (see pictures). My colleagues and I have not encountered this configuration before. We discovered this issue when attempting to collimate the telescope with a Takahashi scope, which has obviously not been ...
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Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Mini Wifi Polar Scope Question

Hi there.

First time post so be gentle please.

I recently purchased a Sky Watcher Star Adventurer Mini Wifi Astro Imaging mount for use with my existing DSLR camera.

The bundle I purchased included a dovetail bracket to attach 2 imaging items at a time.
The dovetail bracket also allows the polar alignment scope to be left attached to the mount during imaging rather than having to remove this prior to attaching your camera etc. ...
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Feedback on my first scope buy ?

You've seen similar questions hundreds of times, and I've read the answers, but before I go ahead, could you give some feedback ?
I'm getting my first real scope (best I had so far was a 70mm Travelscope with camera tripod). Will use it summer half of year in south Sweden, at summer house, so not very much light pollution from city lights, but need to avoid time around midsummer. Main interest DSOs, and a ...
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