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Celestron Inspire 80az

I’m looking into buying a telescope for Christmas and am wondering if anyone has anything good, bad or otherwise to say about the Celestron inspire refractors. My budget might stretch to the 80.

I know the usual advice to start with binoculars, but I’m keen on observing occasionally with my 5 year old (and eventually his younger brother) and I think a telescope I can point and he can look through would work best. I’m ...
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Advice needed

My daughter (aged 8) has requested a telescope for Christmas. She is interested in looking at planets and stars (obviously.) I have been to a local supplier who has advised the Skywatcher Startravel 102 SynScan AZ GOTO Telescope. Is this the best piece of kit for an absolute beginner? Obviously at age 8 they want to see things pretty clear and pretty close. Can anyone offer any advice? This is stargazing for dummies (us, not ...
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Beginners Telescope for 9/10 year old - photography a must!

Looking for a telescope for my 9 year old for Christmas.

Im tying to meet the following criteria;

Not too huge
Type in coords to find item (if possible)
Self tracking
Ability to take photographs either by web cam / digital DSL camera attachment.

Was looking at about £100 - £200 (I may be optimistic on this - but don't mind spending more at a push as it's educational and basically.... I want one!)

Im ...
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William Optics 102 triplet or 126 Doublet?

Just about to buy a WO telescope but wondered if anyone can explain what the difference between these two would be apart from the focal lenght. The price is similar but I'm thinking the optics in the 102 triplet would be superior but I'll lose some focal length admittedly. I just want to buy once and have done with it (famous last words!) . Would there really be much difference in sharpness and colour? Thanks ...
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Issue with new Meade 102 StarNavigator

Morning all,

First off, hello - I'm a new poster, though I've been lurking here for a while.

Secondly - looking for a bit of advice...

I've been using a Sky Watcher EQ 150 for a couple of years now. It's a PITA to set up and use though as far as I'm concerned, and I've been looking to upgrade to something that'll give me the most out of my viewing time. I settled on ...
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First telescope question

I am looking for my first scope. So far I am deciding between the skywatcher 8 Dobsonian or the Celestron Omni XLT 127. I’m fairly certain at this point that I want to avoid the GOTO scopes as I can get more bang for my buck and learn the night sky better by avoiding GOTO. I also think that the search is half the fun. Any advice between these two or another scope suggestion is ...
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Barlow Reflection

Here's a couple of shots of the Moon around Mare Imbrium I took the other night. One with just the camera (Sony Alpha 350) mounted on the telescope and one the same with a x2 Barlow lens. The Barlow shot has a wicked reflection diagonally across it. Is this just because the moon is bright or something else? Can anything be done to avoid it? It's even worse with a x3 Barlow.

191018 ...
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Beginner Telescope Advice Please!


Yes, yet another beginner thinking of getting a shiny new scope! I've been trying to get my head around the variety of all the telescopes and before I commit to anything, your advice would be much appreciated!

As mentioned, I am a complete beginner, however, I am also rather determined to learn and have been thinking about getting one for some time now! I've got my 'Turn Left at Orion' and I am eager ...
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Cannon EOS 550D

Has anyone used a Cannon EOS 550D for astro photography?

I found one at a reasonable price and wondered if anyone on here has had experience of using one.


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Advice Please

I know this is asked all the time, so apologies in advance

I was interested in astronomy from a young age, and around 10 years ago I bought a pair of 20x80 binos to wet my appetite. I got a good understanding of the night sky and could easily find specific galaxies and areas of interest

Fast forward to now, with a bit more cash in my back pocket I'm looking to get in to ...
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