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Barlow Reflection

Here's a couple of shots of the Moon around Mare Imbrium I took the other night. One with just the camera (Sony Alpha 350) mounted on the telescope and one the same with a x2 Barlow lens. The Barlow shot has a wicked reflection diagonally across it. Is this just because the moon is bright or something else? Can anything be done to avoid it? It's even worse with a x3 Barlow.

191018 ...
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Beginner Telescope Advice Please!


Yes, yet another beginner thinking of getting a shiny new scope! I've been trying to get my head around the variety of all the telescopes and before I commit to anything, your advice would be much appreciated!

As mentioned, I am a complete beginner, however, I am also rather determined to learn and have been thinking about getting one for some time now! I've got my 'Turn Left at Orion' and I am eager ...
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Cannon EOS 550D

Has anyone used a Cannon EOS 550D for astro photography?

I found one at a reasonable price and wondered if anyone on here has had experience of using one.


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Advice Please

I know this is asked all the time, so apologies in advance

I was interested in astronomy from a young age, and around 10 years ago I bought a pair of 20x80 binos to wet my appetite. I got a good understanding of the night sky and could easily find specific galaxies and areas of interest

Fast forward to now, with a bit more cash in my back pocket I'm looking to get in to ...
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Best power pack for EQ6 mount please

Can any one please give me advice on which is the best power pack and leads to for the EQ6 mount, as, the one listed bt Rother Valley Optics is by definition due to being a trade name, a lot more money, so any alternatives that will be suitable and reliable overall please...........

Many grateful thanks and best regards to all.............Tom.......aka....McKinnell :) ...
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GOTO 10" Dobsonian Upgrade Kit for Skywatcher

Hi everyone,
I'm looking to upgrade my 'new" second hand 10 inch dobso with a goto system kind two axes but I cannot find anything online, any advise where to find something?
MANY thanks
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#497 Autostar firmware upgrade


I have an 8-inch LX90 from 2003 which has a #497 Autostar handbox (I can't see that it says #497 anywhere but assume that's what it is). There's a sticker on the back of the handbox which says 'VER:26Ec' and when you power-up the display reads '(c)02 Meade Autostar'.

It's now 2018, and I want to upgrade the Autostar firmware. Which is the best version to upgrade to (least buggy), and what is the ...
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12V hair dryer

I've not tried it out yet, but after a dew-laden evening curtailed our telescope observing on Friday evening, I've just bought a 12V 'travel' hair dryer from The Range - just £12.

From first impressions it's not going to be any use for its advertised purpose; but it can put out a low speed moderately warm flow of air, or a barely warm blast, which may prove effective.

I notice that the same dryer can ...
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Which is the better 10 inch reflector

Greeting to all,

After some many years out of Astronomy i have decided to come back to the fold as it were, with this in mined i have but one question on the two 10 inch Dobsonian reflectors i have to choose from and they are the Bresser, or, the SkyWatcher Skyline 250 PX.

Excepting the mounting of the tube to the main mount stand as it were, i see no great difference in either ...
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Travel scope: 70/500 vs 80/400 achromat? Travel scope: 70/500 vs 80/400 achromat?

I'm looking for a lightweight telescope under $300, capable of being transported in a backpack for hikes (along with its mount). For general purpose: I'll use it for both astronomy and terrestrial. I live in a white zone, so from home it'll be planets and the Moon, but from out of town I can hit some brighter DSOs too. I'd also like to take photos of birds and such, by attaching a DSLR. I realise ...
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