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Astro photgraphy

I've got a MEADE 90ETX PE. At some point in the early new year I would like to get started with a bit of photography. I've not properly researched this yet (starting that right now!) but in my manual it only goes into photography with a 35mm camera. I was wondering if this is the only means of photography with this telescope? I own a NIKON digital camera and was hoping this would be adequate, ...
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lidl scope

Did anybody see/ buy the Bresser/ Meade refractor on sale today, 15th. Dec?
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6" dobsonian new, £99 in UK express are selling a 6" bushnell dobsonian special limited offer, click on astromical on the left handside. From somewhere else I've seen the link from it seems they're not the best optics, but at £99 for 6", beginners could possibly be in for a good offer.
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Celestron LPR Binoculars ?


Anyone out there who uses Celestron LPR binoculars? The write-ups seem to be spit, on the one hand they do an excellent job of cutting light pollution and enhancing the views of certain nebula. Others say that the BAK 7 prisms are not as good as the BAK 4's and the overall quality is not good.
I have been toying with the idea of getting some, but would love to hear what other users ...
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Moonfish and revelation eyepieces

Hi all

I know the 30mm ultrawide 2" ep got rave reviews from s@n, but how do their 1.25" ep's fare? anyone tried them out? How do they fare with the more expensive ep's

Also since I got a 10" revelation dob, I've found someone selling revelation ep 1.25" set. Does anyone know if they're any good?

Also if you know of any good offers on ep's please post :)
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CCD or astro digital SLR?

I have been thinking about moving on to a Starlightexpress, possibly the SXV M8 C although I still need to educate my self in these things. I was sticking to CCD technology because I always hear that digital SLRs can't handle long exposures with out creating loads of noise. Now I have just found this Canon 20DA astro digital SLR. What do you think of this? How would it compare to the SXV M8 C? ...
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I got this with the meade etx 90 ec. Does anyone else have the meade LPI. Im confused of how to use it, perhaps someone could help please?

I know how to set it up, im just a tiny bit confused of how to use it on the PC.

Thank you...
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Photo Gallery

How do i add photos to the gallery?

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How did you choose your 2nd scope?

Hi all,

As the owner of a 6" Newtonian, and now thinking of upgrading to a guided scope, I'd be interested to hear of the decision-making process you took in the choice of your second scope.

What was the biggest difference , viewing wise, between your 2 scopes.

Do you feel you made the right choice?

If it is a guided scope, how reliable/accurate is the scope after months of use?

Hope some of you ...
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wat are the best buy of filters for ccd photography and wat are the filter numbers RGB
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