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First scope which needs to be portable


Would be grateful of some advice. I'm looking to buy my husband a telescope as a birthday gift. He is a knowledgeable about the night sky but has never owned a scope before, having star gazed just with the naked eye or with his birding binocs (8 x 42).

We live in a town so it will most likely be used on trips up into the Yorkshire Dales, camping trips (drive to site and ...
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help controlling a Celestron

Most annoyed, I have been thrown out of the forum twice, have no idea why server problem perhaps.

I have just returned to Astronomy and bought NEXSTAR EVOLUTION 8 HD WITH STARSENSE
Two questions please.

1. Can you tell me which remote focuser fits this scope, say JMI, I can't locate one that says it actually fits this tube, or how it fits.

2. I want/need to control the scope NOT with a tablet/phone but ...
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Sky-Watcher Telescope Advice


I am thinking of upgrading my current basic scope to something new and I'm a bit confused...

The scopes which interest me are the Startravel 120mm or the Evostar 120mm. Both are in my price range of £250 - £350.

I want a good all round scope which will also enable me to do some amateur photography (mostly through a smart phone).

What are peoples thoughts? I am not very knowledgeable about the differences ...
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Star Adventurer Mini - issues

Anyone got a Star Adventurer Mini mount? I'm having trouble with the mount's "console" app on my android phone in that it quite regularly refuses to "connect" with the mount despite the phone being connected to the mount's WiFi. I can't decide if it's due to my phone being Android v7.1.2 or another app messing it up. Seems to work fine on my older android v5.1 phone.

Suggestions or success stories about this mount would ...
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Orion SkyQuest XT8 Orion SkyQuest XT8

How would you rate the Orion SkyQuest XT8 (Classic, Plus or Intelliscope (although this is outside my budget)) as a first telescope?

I was recently told by a salesman at a UK telescope dealer that while the Orion customer service in the USA is very good, apparently they’re not good in the UK, and are only good at making themselves look good, and that Sky-Watcher make far better telescopes with better after-sale advice? I was ...
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Telescopes Telescopes Telescopes

Getting the right telescope nowadays is harder than ever. You want to make a good investment but it’s very difficult to find showrooms to go and actually pick up and handle some scopes, due to internet sales seeing many astronomy shops closing. So I’m hoping I can find some help! Getting the wrong one could mean I want to upgrade in a few months - I want to make a long term investment. While this ...
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Altair GPCam2 290C

I have a very modest Sky-Watcher SkyMax-127 with SuperTrak Alt-Azimuth Mount, which I greatly enjoy. I am wondering if the Altair Astro GPcam2 290C would be a worhwhile purchase or if the telecope's limitations would make it a total mismatch and a waste of money
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First telescope...what you wish you'd known

I've read through forums, and I don't think I've seen this question asked exactly this way before, so...

I'm just considering buying my first telescope, and I'm not really looking for advice on which specific one to get. I'm really wondering more what you've learned that you wish you'd known before buying your first. At the moment, I think I want to be able to see it all: planets, the Moon, DSOs; but I'm assuming ...
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First scope, present for parents

Hi all,

So I've been doing a fair bit of research on what to buy my parents but still a bit bewildered by the choices..

My budget is £300, they live in the country so light pollution is not an issue and mainly like looking at planets so I think a refractor is the way to go? Guess I'm looking for a 80-120 mm refractor which is quite forgiving for beginners in terms of set-up, ...
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Connecting new nexstar 102slt to pc help needed

Hi I am new to this telescope and would like to connect to my pc or laptop win10/win7
I went and got the cables I thought I would need
installed nexremote and checked under devices to see what com port had been given It said com3 so I picked that port in setup and picked mount and firmware I am not totally sure what virtual port was so ive tried them all with no luck ...
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