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Hi all,
Just joined and interested in starting some stargazing. I've read online that is best to start of with good binoculars then move onto telescopes.
Can anyone suggest a good pair of binoculars for stargazing?
I have looked myself and came across "Helios Fieldmaster 10x50 Binoculars" and "Helios Fieldmaster 7x50 Binoculars" but again as Im new I don't know if any of these are suitable.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.thanks
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Polaris 114 EQ vs Polaris 130MD EQ Polaris 114 EQ vs Polaris 130MD EQ

I'v been interested in astronomy for a while and i am about to purchase my first telescope and have decided between 2, i'm not very good with the technical side of them so would like some advice on which would be better for me. I have copied the spec of each one from the website which is on currys, i appreciate any feedback.

MEADE Polaris 114 EQ Reflector Telescope - £109.00

Magnification 158 x
Magnification ...
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Suggested addons Skywatcher Explorer 150p 750mm

Hello there

Months before christmas I decided I wanted a telescope. Supercoopers guide was very useful in giving me a direction on what to look for and in the end A nice fiscal injection helped me exceed the minimum starting unit.

I have a Skywatcher Explorer 150p 750mm on an EQ3-2 it came with a 10mm, 25mmWA and a 2X Barlow. Things I am going to do are: Fill the legs with sand just to ...
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Hi, I have a celestron nexstar 130 slt and i am looking into buying a dslr mainly for astrophotography. I realise that i will probably need to buy a 2x barlow in order to solve focus issues but does anyone have any recommendations? I have about £400 to spend, including the barlow and any adaptors, but i can go over if its impractical to get decent photographs in that price range. Thanks for any suggestions, ...
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camera focus

I have just bought a celestron 130, when I connect my canon 500d I loose focus it won't adjust enough to focus it any idea's please.

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Sky watcher eq3 pro mount, not aligning

I've recently got the eq3 pro mount, and I'm having some problems which I can't fix no matter what I do! Now I've read the instructions and followed some YouTube videos (of which are very few) and my mount just doesn't want to align no matter what I do!

I do a two star align, and I start to align to betelgeuse but the scope just seems to move completely wrong direction, then I move ...
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Fairly specific first telescope advice please...

Hello all,

I’ve been having a chug around the forum and various sites to work through some advice for buying a first telescope. I realise this is essentially the age old “What telescope for £xxx?” question, but my situation is quite specific, if I may explain…

I recently passed my 25 years’ service at work and as a reward we were given a £500 voucher and rather than the old timer gold watch or random ...
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Meade ETX 80 - ISS & The Moon

Hello all!

I just recently purchased the Meade ETX 80 Backpack, and I am just wondering if a) is it possible to view and track the ISS and b) what is your opinion on the view of the Moon using the factory eye pieces?

Thanks in advance!

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First scope please help

Hi everyone,

I'm completely new to this, however it isn't actually me that the telescope will belong to (Christmas present). I will however get to use it since it is a present for my partner. Anyhow, I've ordered the scope and am excitedly awaiting its arrival in the next few days. My question is though, what would you recommend in terms of a "starter kit" for lenses, filters, etc? (Both of us will only now ...
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First scope

Hi all,

I am sorry but this may be a question asked a lot! My daughter (age 6) with my help wants to explore the night sky, so she is asking Santa for a telescope. I have been advised that the Lidl Bresser scope just out, is a good start and at £70 not a bad price. I bought one today but I am not sure I have made the correct decision. I am happy ...
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