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Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on Friday Evening.

When the full moon rises on Friday 16th September part of the sunlight shining on the moon will be obscured by the earth. For instance at 9pm the top half of the moon will be slightly less bright than the lower half. It isn't very spectacular like a proper lunar eclipse, but it will be worth checking it out.
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Perseid Meteors

On 31st July I went outside at around 11:30pm local time. While looking up I saw a Perseid meteor. It reminded me that the number of these will increase until the best time which occurs on the evening of Friday 12th August and the early morning of the Saturday 13th. (However see the edit below) Perseids can be identified because they appear to originate from the constellation of Perseus. (In fact they are left over ...
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Mars at opposition

At the moment Mars is a fine sight blazing away in the south east at midnight. It is starting to move over to the south now fairly rapidly, and rising a little higher by midnight, and getting even brighter. It is still very low down, but anyone wanting to see a fair sized disk, and hopefully some detail will have to observe it in the next couple of weeks. It will get smaller again just ...
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Aurora tonight - worth it?

Some major geomagnetic activity going on at mo' - good chance of auroral displays for tonight and tomorrow-night. For years I've wanted to see an aurora (it's near the top of my bucket list) but I've always been foiled by something. To make matters worse, I'm living in Warrington (long story) and thus reaching dark skies has proven hard work!

Thanks to the closure of the WCML, I cannot reach Penrith by train tonight, so ...
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9th May transit of Mercury

From my location Mercury will start to pass in front of the Sun on Monday 9th May at 12:12pm (1112 UT) It finishes at 7:37pm (1837UT). Mercury is so far away from us that its position won't be very different wherever it is observed in the UK. Therefore the time won't differ by more than a minute or so across the UK.

Hopefully at least some of the afternoon will be clear enough to see ...
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Venus goes behind the moon

From my location Venus will go behind the thin crescent moon at 0737 UT (8:37am) on the 6th April. It reappears from the unlit side at 0802 UT (9:02am). It will be a little earlier further south, and later further north. On the Scottish border area, north, it will miss the moon altogether. The problem will be locating the 28 day crescent moon, just 16 degrees directly west of the sun and more or less ...
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Moon to cros Orion's belt

The Moon will cross Orion's belt from 2025 GMT to 2312. Exact timing could vary up to 2 minutes, depending on location. If it's clear I'll post a photograph.
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It seems like the supernova in M82 is fading as im having to use averted vision to see it
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Two Comets in Ophiuchus

Along with most of the western world I have been following R1 Loverjoy as it blases across
the sky.

Over the last couple of weeks it has been getting closer and closer to the already Nearby X1 Linear.

This morning they where a few degrees away from one another, and in a bad sky Lovejoy is STILL visible in binoculars. There are good bright star markers near these Comets and so they are quite easy ...
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Mercury and Venus are now visible in the evening sky


I did a webcam image each of them on Sunday night. Whilst neither look as spectacular as the Moon and Jupiter (at least Venus will get better later this year) seeing Mercury at all is quite an event and I hadn't seen it through a telescope for years.

Both are showing a gibbous phase.
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