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Aurora tonight maybe???


There is a storm currently ongoing - if it continues there might be a chance of auroras tonight if its clear.

Check out for live nothern hemisphere data.

Fingers crossed!!!!


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Possible NLC alert

Hi folks,

I could be wrong, but it's looking like noctilucent clouds are appearing as I write. Just need to sober up a bit (and maybe they'll go away!)

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Touch Down or Splash Down?

Hi Gang,
In a story very similar to Petrolights, NASA is going to deliberately crash a new probe into the permanantely shadowed craters on the Moon to see if it kicks up some water vapour. Take a look here For the full story!
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going out with a bang

Hi guy's,
Don't know if you've seen this yet but SMART-1 is going to
end its life by crashing into the moon! Details found at link.
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Delta Aquarids hit the moon tonight!

I know the moon is very low at twighlight in the UK at the moment but this maybe worth a lool. The moon enters the stream tonight so there is a slim chance that impacts on the dark side would be visible from earth based scopes as tiny flashes.

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Astronomers glimpse exploded star

Sorry if this has already been posted - I could't find it in the forums

Very interesting,we may live to see a (relatively) nearby star explode! And they say it wil be visible in the daytime sky
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Moon and M45

Hi guys,

Hope you are all well. Just thought I would draw your attention to the fact that the Moon is going to be 2.5 deg from the Pleiades on Thurs 20th. I know Andy's got it covered in the diary, just thought I would give it an extra mention. Nice imaging and observing oppourtunities. You want to be looking East(ish) from about 2am onwards till about 5. The guys from have this map. ...
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NlC footage 14th July

I made some footage of NLC's tonight at 11pm

(just press X to cancel 'run active X'
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Asteroid 2004 XP14 finder chart

An asteroid will pass very close to the Earth on July 3rd 2006. Although the closest approach occurs in daylight for UK observers, here's a finder chart for anyone who wants to have a go at locating this object. Although not particularly faint, it's low altitude, fast motion and brightening dawn sky (remember the times given are in UT!) will make this a bit of a challenge. Good luck if you decide to try... ...
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Apophis is commmmmmmmming RUN!

Anyone see the Daily Mail (Monday 26 June 2006) asteroid Apophis is due to hit us sometime in 2036. According to the story the Govenments of the world (bet anything you like it will come down to the UK and the US) are planning to follow Hollywood movies "Deep Impact" and "Armagedon" and blow it out of the way. If it hits they (the Mail) reckon it will be equal to 65,000 Hiroshima bombs!
No ...
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