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NlC footage 14th July

I made some footage of NLC's tonight at 11pm

(just press X to cancel 'run active X'
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Asteroid 2004 XP14 finder chart

An asteroid will pass very close to the Earth on July 3rd 2006. Although the closest approach occurs in daylight for UK observers, here's a finder chart for anyone who wants to have a go at locating this object. Although not particularly faint, it's low altitude, fast motion and brightening dawn sky (remember the times given are in UT!) will make this a bit of a challenge. Good luck if you decide to try... ...
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Apophis is commmmmmmmming RUN!

Anyone see the Daily Mail (Monday 26 June 2006) asteroid Apophis is due to hit us sometime in 2036. According to the story the Govenments of the world (bet anything you like it will come down to the UK and the US) are planning to follow Hollywood movies "Deep Impact" and "Armagedon" and blow it out of the way. If it hits they (the Mail) reckon it will be equal to 65,000 Hiroshima bombs!
No ...
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Planet watching next week

Hi Gang,
Next week is an ideal time for observers and imagers to get out there and take a look at the planets. Grouped together in the evening sky the planets put on a show, I hope the picture takers out there have the cameras out!!
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wow,that was a bit close!!

hi,all a quick piccy,from last night.


a bit 'wonky' was in the car at the time.
we had very,very,loud thunder too.
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Large meteorite hits Norway!!

Just been told about this by a friend. Looks like a meorite might have made land fall in Northern Norway, I am sure there will be more news available fairly soon.

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just in case

hi,all looking at the weather forcast,due to it
being hot & humid theres a chance of thunderstorms,the next 2/3 days/nights.
may get a chance of 'lightning' pics.
i do hope so.
p.s check your local forcasts.good luck.
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Get outside NOW if its clear !!!!!!!!!!!

Great view of Noctilucent clouds here in Llandudno - if its clear your way go out and have a look!!

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noctilucent clouds

morning all, just came across this item:
good info on these'clouds.
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Red Alert!

Hi Gang,
The Aurora watch team has issued a red alert after a very large increase in Solar activity. Those of you who live in the far north may get a good aurora display with any luck, and of course vlear skies to see it!
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