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Planets around dead Stars
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Sky at night Repeat.

Although the S@N website says the the eclipse repeat is at 11:50pm April 8 according to RT its on in England at 2:00pm,(probably to make way for the golf).Its not on at all in Scotland.
Disgusted Les.
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Hi all,

In an earlier thread Andrew Short mentioned some sunspots that had appeared on the Sun. I went out to observe them, with an ETX 90EC and astro engineering solar filter,this afternoon. I can confirm that there are about 4 or 5 main groups, along the solar mid regions. One of the groups is quite large; the penumbra of one of the large spots appears to be enveloping an umbra of another, which I ...
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Aurora now

Just took these. Also seem to have got a bright meteor i just caught the tail end of it fading away
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Kielder star camp this month!


Thought I'd let you know there is going to be a spring Kielder Star Camp at Kielder 21-23 April. This is the first time they've held one in spring, so I thought I'd spread the word from my neck of the woods.

I'm not going to lie to you, camping in Northumberland in April is going to be cold, but that's what astronomy's about!

for further details.

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Partial solar eclipse

Just a timely reminder for those of you who remember what the Sun looks like that there will be a partial eclipse of the Sun today. It begins at 9.45am & ends at 11.25am. These times are UT - so you will need to add an hour for BST. The eclipse will also be the main focus point on The Sky at Night programme next Sunday. The Sun will be about 20% covered as seen ...
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Mini Comets Approaching Earth

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Comet 2006/A1 Pojmanski Finder Chart

Here's a finder chart for Comet 2006/A1 Pojmanski. The comet is current visible in the pre-dawn sky. Binoculars show it well in ever brightening skies.

Magnitude estimates for March are: 1st +6.5, 6th +6.8, 11th +7.2, 16th +7.7, 21st +8.2, 26th +8.7, 31st +9.2

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The near GRB030218 and SN 2006aj, some images here:
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Comet C/2006 A1 Pojmanski

There's a new comet looking very promising, although it's an early morning job. Just Google for Pojmanski and you'll find loads of info for it.

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