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Get a heads up on the best celestial events to observe


The near GRB030218 and SN 2006aj, some images here:
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Comet C/2006 A1 Pojmanski

There's a new comet looking very promising, although it's an early morning job. Just Google for Pojmanski and you'll find loads of info for it.

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A trip to totality - 29 March 2006

The total solar eclipse on 29 March will throw a shadow across Africa and Asia. Geoff Elston reveals how to watch it.

A total eclipse of the Sun is a true marvel of nature: once seen it is rarely forgotten. This awe-inspiring experience is happening on 29 March 2006, but you'll have to travel to North Africa, Asia or Russia to see it.

What causes the celestial conjunction that many will travel hundreds of miles ...
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Recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi in outburst!

Brighter than recent outbursts in 1958, 1967 and 1985, this recurrent nova has been reported as bright as magnitude +4.5 so it's within naked-eye range from dark sky sites. The star may be found low to the southeast before dawn.


Right ascension: 17h 50.2m
Declination: −06° 43'
(Epoch 2000.0)

A finder chart may be obtained here:


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Astro Alerts

Really pleased that you have got the forum back on line. I think that it is proving to be a great success as is the magazine. Well done to all involved.
Is it feasible for notification of astro alerts to be e-mailed to members as I don't check the forum every day, (very remiss of me I know).
Finally, do you think members would like the idea of groups for specific scopes; I have ...
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First supernova of the year in NGC7753

According to the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (#354),
IAU, M.S. 18, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge,
MA 02138, U.S.A, Tom Boles is to be congratulated on the discovery
of SUPERNOVA 2006A IN NGC 7753.

At the time of discovery (January 2nd, 20:32 UT with a 35cm reflector)
the supernova was magnitude +18.1 in unfiltered CCD images. The new
object is located at the following coordinates:

RA = 23h 47m 03s.78
Dec = +29o ...
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2006 Jan 25th: Saturn occults BY Cancri

On January 25th 2006 the planet Saturn will appear to move in front of a faint (mag. +7.9) star - BY Cancri (HIP 42705). This star is marginally brighter than Saturn's brightest moon Titan (mag. +8.1). The approximate timings for the event are shown in the graphic. If you want to watch the occultation, it's essential to allow yourself a decent amount of time before it is due to occur. There are a number of ...
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Look out for the International Space Station!

There are some high passes of the ISS over the next few evenings.

The following times and altitudes are based on predictions of when the ISS is highest in the sky for the centre of the British Isles. Generally speaking, observers in the south of the UK will see it higher in the sky and vice versa for Scotland, but the times will be pretty much the same:

January 5th - 17:35 UT ...
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