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New Earth crossing asteroid

A small asteroid, 1.5 meter, will be today at only 0.00014 A.U. from the Earth.
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Solar and lunar eclipses

On December 21 will happen a total lunar eclipse.

On January 4 2011 will be a partial solar eclipse.
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Lunar Eclipse

This will be total around sunrise but will be better placed from Scotland and northern England. Although not as spectactular as a total solar eclipse, it can always throw up a surprise. If you can drag yourself put of bed around 4-ish you shouls be able to catch all of the action but the best bits should be from 6am onwards.
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New Earth crossing asteroid

Another asteroid has grazed the Earth at 18.26 U.T.
2010 XB has passed to only 0.0003446 A.U.
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Occultation of asteroid Iris by the Moon

On day 26 November the Moon will occult the asteroid Iris
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Earth crossing asteroid 2010WA

On this morning (17 November) another asteroid has grazed the Earth at 3.44 U.T.
2010 WA has passed to only 0.000259 A.U. from the Earth...
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Comet Ikeya-Murakami

Whilst reading todays London Metro free newspaper I came across this awesome picture of comet Ikeya-Murakami over the los Angeles skyline. It really is a great picture you can clearly see that part of the comet's nucleus has broken off you can see that it was quite a long exposure and can clearly discern where the fragment is.

Now after watching this months sky at night on comet Hartley 2 and hearing patrick say we ...
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Jupiter with only 1 satellite

From tomorrow will start a series of events in which it will be possible to observe Jupiter with only 1 satellite.
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New Earth crossing asteroid

The asteroid 2010 TD54 will be the 8th asteroid near the Earth in the recent history.
On day 12 October at h 10.51 U.T. will be at only 0.0003466 A.U. from us, equal to 0.1 lunar distances.
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Viewing the Northern Lights from the UK


Someone on uk.sci.astronomy (Ft_qo.32060$Fr2.6506@newsfe11.ams2) mentioned that the Northern Lights may be visible over the next few days. Does anyone have any advice on the best times to look out for them, and where in the sky to look (other than north :-P)?
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