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A place to discuss the dreaded orange glow

UK Light Pollution Petition

In case people were not aware, there is a petition running on the government petitions web site about light pollution. <https://petition dot parliament dot uk/petitions/119428> (Sorry but the site wont allow me to post a link and not great help without the link. So assuming the post is acceptable, could a mod edit to put the link in properly - or if not acceptable posting, delete the thread)

It's the government web site so signing ...
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Pollution Free Online Database

Isn't there a database for quality stargazing? Or could one be set up?
Access from SANM forum users who can highlight areas of zero to low light pollution in a country on a database?
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Hotel With no light pollution

I am starting as Assistant General Manager of the Cliffemount hotel near Whitby. We overlook the sea and have almost no light pollution what so ever. Anyone wanting a night or 2 or perfect star gazing would have a warm welcome with us.

Cliffemount Hotel
Runswick Bay, Whitby, North Yorkshire TS13 5HU
01947 840103
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New street lighting New street lighting

We live in Rustington, West Sussex and normally get beautiful clear skies to star gaze. Scottish & Southern Electricity, in conjunction with Arun District Council, in their wisdom have just installed new high intensity street lights. These are at least 9 feet higher than our old ones. The light given off by these completely obliterates the night sky. Wembley Stadium would be proud of them as floodlights. No consultation was made and no thought given ...
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Noctour - Promoting Dark Skies Tourism

Hello people!

I'm a final year student doing a project and my main subject is Light Pollution & Dark Sky Tourism. I am setting up a campaign to promote dark skies tourism and to educate on light pollution. I have got exciting content coming up like news articles, future night sky events, inspiring video ads, questionnaires and surveys, photo contests and much more...

I would like to draw your attention to soon to be published ...
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Do we need this?

What hope for campaigning for dark skies when you get this sort of thing?
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Bob's big adventure to find dark skies

With the Milky Way high overhead in the summer, now is the time to see it directly for myself, except that I have only ever observed under mag 3 skies and therefore have never seen it without optical aid.

According to my Dark Skies Map, the nearest mag 5-6 skies are 200-km away (in the Yorkshire Dales). But there is a problem: my mobility has been limited by a long-term illness for several years, and ...
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light into eye piece

hi all just got my skywatcher 150p learning about it but come aross a hicup my best place to view is my front garden with all the light hiting my eye piece making it hard to view i am box in at back garden with trees ,houses blocking my view thanks for advice in advance
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Knowing when to give in

Here at Holden Heights I've been cultivating a Laurel bush to grow large enough to shield my garden and house from a nearby street light. After several years of growth, it has only now just reached the height where I can bask in the glorious shade at night. However, just last week I received this letter from a neighbour:

To the occupier of holden heights

This is from your next door neighbours, we are ...
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It really is THAT bad!

Hi everyone

I knew there was light pollution in my area. It was obvious, because in my back garden, if you look up you can see about five stars within Orion and that includes the sword (but not the belt).

I knew it was bad, but I couldn't SEE the pollution.

However, driving away from my small town I parked up in order to get a better view of Jupiter and the orange glow I ...
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