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A place to discuss the dreaded orange glow

light pollution

yes light pollution is bad , I can't observe anything from my house,I would love to see sirius ,I just see greyness :
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East Devon turn all street lights off...

I live in East Devon and since councils with cut back issues having had to save money a pleasant surprise was in store for me.
Every night approximately 01:30hrs every morning they turn off nearly 98% of the nasty horrible street lights!!! YAY!!!
As you can imagine I'm as happy as a pig in **** once everyone in the neighborhood goes to bed. It's truly magical being able to see so much more in the ...
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Back Garden Lighting Advice

We live just outside Leicester but still within the urban "glow".

I want to put a little bit of lighting at the end of our back garden - ours and the neighbours' children pop over a bit of half-fencing there but as the nights draw in they are finding it difficult to see what they are doing.

I don't want a "security" light. I want something that is:

- dark sky friendly/ hooded
- economical ...
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The moon

Since the moon is THE major source of night time light pollution, I propose that we destroy it at once, by bombardment. LCROSS was a good start, but was hardly big enough. Such a step would have the added advantage of stopping that infernal howling of dogs and wolves. But please don't tell Sir Patrick. He might be a bit...miffed.
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Texas was dire last week

Lots of "cloudless" nights but haze meant anything fainter than Mag 2 was out of range.

Just like Milton Keynes a few years ago.
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It's so dark, so dark on the edge of France !

Good news here in the inky black darkness of wild west France !
The local coucil is to sign "La Charte de protection du Ciel Nocturne" which means all the local areas have to follow suit.
Lights out earlier & no uplighting etc.

It's gonna be dark 'round here, REAL dark coz it's pretty dark here deja !

le Keef
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Dark Skies Canada

hi, im adding my 2 sense on light pollution, in northern Canada, we do have awesome skies for astronomy. a 4 inch refractor equals a 10 inch dob from the city, but you can see all the m-objects with binos 50mm. but for the future reference, i will let my astro photos speak for themselves, if it ever stops raining.lol
Does anyone have a test that i could tackle to test if my sky is ...
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Light Pollution?

Hi all,

took some 30 sec exposures last night and was amazed by how orange everything was. Is this from the lights in the park behind our house?


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RE: Universal Studios "ruin astronomy" in Orlando

hi ya all

thats terrible I hope it gets sorted out
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turn out that light

I am outside observing and its going great and then all of a sudden the garden light turns on right in front of the telescope so I had to go get a
towel from inside and put the towel over the lightbut it was a windy night so It kept blowing of I had nothing to stick down with so I packed up not light pollution BUt it made me think how much light ...
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