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turn out that light

I am outside observing and its going great and then all of a sudden the garden light turns on right in front of the telescope so I had to go get a
towel from inside and put the towel over the lightbut it was a windy night so It kept blowing of I had nothing to stick down with so I packed up not light pollution BUt it made me think how much light ...
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The worst I have ever seen.

This is what I call Light Pollution...

I took this as we were sailing out of New York on our way to NZ on Jan 13th 2008 at around 2030hrs.

It looks beautiful but I wouldn't want to try and do any astronomy from there.
It was so bright that I managed to hand-hold and take this (and several more) at night, as it started to rain, from the deck of a moving ship. ...
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Campiagn for Dark Skies who's with me???
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Security lighting

Where I used to live my garden faced due south across a playing field then a railway line with industrial units beyond that.
No problems until one of the firms installed security lighting which beamed right at me.
I went round to see the manager and explained what problems it caused for me.
I gave him a picture of Orion taken fro my back yard and he agreed to reposition the lighting which helped a ...
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light pollution

Hi ya I live where there is very little light pollution and always think about all the other astronmers that have limted times
the can look at the stars due to light pollution in there area


crazy about stars
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Dark Skies

I would just like to tell you of my experience when I stayed at Lamplugh in the Lake District. I couldn't believe the ammount of stars I could see from there.
I decided to buy a pair of Celestron 15x70 binoculars form Argos while I was there and I saw more that week with those binoculars than I ever could back home in West Yorkshire with my 10" Dobsonian.
I could actually see the satellite ...
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AGGGGHHHHHHHHHH can't see any stars!!!
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Less is more.

Thankfully i live in central scotland so light pollution isnt bad at all unless you live somewhere like Glasgow or Edinburgh. Even then you can get away from light pollutin quite quicky. Half an hour in the car is usually all you need for excellent skys. My mum stays up in the western isles so im lucky i can go there whenever i like. I can honestly say that i have never seen a blacker ...
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Every which way but up

Last night i was out in my back garden between 10pm and 1:30am, perfecting (or rather.......trying to perfect) the setup of my camera for astrophotography. The house directly behind my house (my garden is approx 100ft long) has one of those silly motion detector security lights. Normally it is not much trouble because when it goes on it only stays on for about 5 mins and then goes off again. The boundry between both houses ...
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The Pike and Musket pub receives good lighting award

This received on 8 October 2009 from amateur astronomer John Fletcher:

A while back I emailed Mitchell and Butlers and also spoke on the phone to them about some very intrusive high-powered searchlights that pointed vertically directly into the night sky. I requested that they be removed as it was destroying my astronomical pro-am observational astrometry and photometric measures of near Earth objects and comets I send in to The Smithsonian Institute, at The Minor ...
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