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Binocular Sky Atlas Program

The program linked below is an excellent one for binocular astronomy. It is free and may not be around in the near future so check it out and download it if you like it. I have and its an awesome object locating tool. Anyway, seeing is believing so it's worth checking out before it's gone for good.
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Learning something new every night

The last couple of nights have been reasonably clear so I've dusted off my bins and spent half an hour or so just gazing around. I've tended to concentrate on the Summer Triangle area as from my back garden it's in the darkest part of the sky. I was scanning around when I came across a straight line of stars with a few others arranged in a curve underneath. I'd been listening to Jodcast June ...
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Bins to the rescue!

Last night the weather was appalling. However, I noticed that the Moon was making it through some gaps in the cloud. Copernicus was on the terminator, a great sight. Had I tried to lug a telescope and camera out, I wouldn't have seen anything at all.

Sometimes the "grab and go" approach works.
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As luck would have it, I wasn't able to get out until nearly midnight last night. Although it was apparently clear, the only galaxy I was able to pot was M81 with my bins. M44 and Melotte 111 showed well but they're easier targets anyway. I tried for M82, M65, M66 and M51 but didn't see them. I had a surprisingly good view of M13 and saw a fuzzy patch where M3 is supposed to ...
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I had my best ever bin view of it last night. It was still a faint fuzzy but a bit brighter and larger than normal. I cheated though, as I saw it from near Chicago, over 10 degrees south of my home in England.
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Suggestions for set of bins

Just after a cheap/reasonable priced set of bins to use for a little stargazing... Up to say £50 and im guessing 10 x 50??? I see telescope house are selling these any good???
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Phots through bins

I've snapped the Moon and a few other things using tripod-mounted bins while travelling.
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Largest bins you can hand hold

I regularly use 15x70s and don't need a tripod. Most people claim that 50mm bins are the largest. Mind you, I'm a big bloke and been using bins regularly for 15 years. Best pot so far was seeing the spiral structure of M81.
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Smallest useful "bins"

I bought a pair of 8x21s for £3.99 from Morrissons. I can just about split Albireo with them and can see quite a few Hyades and Pleiades.

My dad was left some good quality 7x30s by his dad and they're rather good, showing M31 very clearly.
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Evaluating Binoculars

(This is really just an excuse to populate the new forum )

I've had an "evaluating binoculars" page up for a few years now. Suggestions for improvement always welcome.
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