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Polar Alignment

It was clear tonight so I set up with the hand controller and did a polar align setup adjustment with the mount's altitude and azimuth adjustments. Don't know why I haven't done it before, it wasn't too tricky at all! The tracking was quite good with no obvious drift.

Orion nebula, nice view of the trapezium
Pleiades, too big to fit the view
Mars, getting smaller
30 Ari, nice coloured double
Whirlpool galaxy, couldn't see ...
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Celestron CGX First Light

Well the Celestron Evolution wireless system didn't work so I sent it back and swapped it for a CGX instead! Last night was first light after a few practice runs in the front room! I used a red light on a nearby chimney to set up the finder scope and get focus. There were some clouds about so I started a two star alignment on the hand controller using Vega and Altair. Even with just ...
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Nexstar Evolution First Light

Well I've had the new telescope for a week now and tonight was the first cloudless evening! So I double checked the red spot finder again and set up in the garden at 8ish to check out the moon in day light. Brilliant!!! the clarity was really good. The 13mm eye piece caught more detail than I've ever seen. Vega was out first as usual but too near the zenith to see. I started to ...
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Large Dark object next to jupiter moon?

Hey guys, so i have a very simple telescope pointed at what i believe is jupiter and its 4 big moons, which looks awesome, however i am puzzled by what i see to the left of the furthest left moon of jupiter, it looks huge, very dark but planetary looking but not reflecting light like venus or stars do, you have to look hard but can see the left of the object...i was wondering if ...
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Skywatcher Explorer 150p 750mm FL

Hi All

£319 Via ebay arrived in time for Christmas. Built Christmas Day nice quality. Came with a 10mm, 25mm Wide angle and a 2X barlow plus finder scope.

Went outside in daylight and aligned the finder with the tube and then waited for night which was promised to be clear. I was not disappointed. Venus, Mars, Orions belt, Pleiades, and Sirius all in one night. I even managed to get a photograph of Venus. ...
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Best Telescope for stars/moon in desert

We a booked one of the Morocco desert tours to take pictures and enjoy the moon and starts, any advice for a good Telescope?
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Mare Angius

Monday 25th January.

I took the opportunity of a brief window of observing the moon between it rising high enough at 2200, and the forecast of a front due to appear at 2300. The moon was waning 94%. Temp 8°C Wind 10mph NW.
Chocky the Cat escorted me to the observatory door, and then went off on patrol.
Two craters located near the terminator, Langrenus and Petavius stood out, but it was Mare Crisium which ...
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The Monarch of the Moon.

As it got dark on 18th Jan the skies began to clear and the temperatures fell. By 9pm it was freezing, but the sky was very clear. I donned a couple of coats, ski boots and fur hat. Chocky the cat joined me as usual, pausing to drink from the frozen pond. (A trick she learnt as a kitten is to put her weight on the ice which causes the water to come over the ...
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Gibbous Moon in May

I got the Maksutov out early this morning to watch Saturn and the Moon low in the south-west. Saturn was a bit of a washout, too much cloud to see much. I watched the moon from transit at a 19.5° altitude to 04:30 BST at 26.2°azimuth south west with around a 96% illumination 388,285 kilometres away. I used 15 & 13mm Celestron Plossl EP’s sometimes combined with a 2x Barlow.

Tycho was surprisingly bright, Copernicus ...
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Lunar Impact flashes Observing Group

Lunar Imapct Flashes
Fri May 30, 2014 10:55 pm
Hey there fellow amateur astronomers,

I'm currently doing a project on lunar impact flashes and will be taking observations with two remotely controlled telescope across the next year, when the weather is permitting and the Earthshine is optimal (having a good amount of shadow of the moon to allow the meteor impacts to show up). My main telescope is a 10" Meade telescope. I am ...
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