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Morning Obs through Dec 2013 and Jan 2014

Due to the recent Comets, Enke, Ison, Lovejoy, Linear and Now the Latest Panstarrs I have been
out at times that I have usually reserved for a quick look at early morning Venus/Mercury.

Apart from seeing some extraordinary Cometary activity over the past couple of months It has
actually allowed me to observe more than any other January since I started this hobby seriously over
20 years ago.

I have made Tens of Planetary Obs ...
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M44 the beehive cluster

I have just bought my first telescope. Last night was a bit hazy here in Beckenham but I persevered aligning the scope and was amazed about the view I was able to see of the beehive cluster, which was not visible to the naked eye. This is the first time I've seen a cluster, I was pleased to have made the observation and look forward to seeing more.
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Moon Jupiter occultation

Jupiter is a beautiful planet, especially when you see it close to other objects in the sky. I made photos, videos and video captures of the occultation event. My whole work is below:

DSLR images through the telescope ... scope.html

Videos through the telescope ... os-by.html

Video captures ... piter.html

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'Super Moon'

I have some "Super Moon" at perigee pictures from 5 May 2012, on the 8' newtonian telescope made with DSLR Nikon. ... tures.html

Lupu Victor
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Planet & Asteroid night here.

I have had one of the best nights with my Telescope since I bought in 12 weeks ago, here is my nights report, all times please note are UK Summer time.
Tonight the 29 th April, it was a very clear night to use my telescope, the Celestron 114, I viewed the following things till 22.50pm UK time.
Thisbe Asteroid 22.10 pm on 29th April very clear indeed.
I also viewed Psyche Asteroid, this was ...
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Good night here for Pollux & Alphard.

Tonight from 10.30 pm till 11.30 I had a realy good hour on my 114 Telescope, I see Pollux, Alphard really clear on my 9 mm & 6 mm lens, the Colours were really good too when I see for the first time Iota Cancer tonight, a nice blue colour, and with the sky being very dark (no moon) everything was great, perfect night.
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Jupiter with iPhone


This is the most ridiculous thing ever:

a photograph of Jupiter taken with an iPhone 4S which was aimed into the eyepiece of my Lightbridge 12" Newt with the manual Dob mount.

There is some kind of reflection behind the main image too which is awful!

It is likely the worst photo ever taken and then submitted to this forum, but there are two unmistakeable things about it that struck me and they are... ...
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Mars Making a Come Back

Hi all, 6.15am and up with the lark and so had a look at Mars at culmination.
SW 100ED, transparency poor and seeing average, North London.
Could just make out North polar cap!? Can anyone confirm/deny?
No other discernible detail other than slight and vague tonal differences on the western hemisphere.

As the nights go by Mars will be getting progressively larger, if you've not seen it before give it a go.
Roll on March ...
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Jupiter midnight on 14/10/11

Jupiter with better viewing conditions than normal so more cloud bands visible. Post processing of 1000 frames in Registax. My best picture of Jupiter yet with my relatively small 6 inch telescope so I'm quite proud of this.

Something wrong with uploads to this forum so piccy also here:!/lfboyd/status/125126438197280768/photo/1

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Jupiter on 1/10/11

A picture of Jupiter at approx 10pm, 1/10/11 through the soopy skies of Surrey. Approx 200 images averaged in Registax.
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