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The Sun

In addition to the Sun being quiet, January is not an ideal time to see it, even in southern England. Here is a little taste of what you have been missing: ... ed-public/
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At 23:05 on Sunday, 27th July, 2014; I observed a UFO.
The sighting was made from the village of Keinton Mandeville, 6 miles south of Glastonbury.
The entity was of a bright green/white appearance. Much larger than any other shooting star that I have witnessed before.
It had a large head & long tail.
It appeared in the NE sky, elevation 45 degrees.
It dissipated in the NE sky, elevation 10 degree.
Duration of sighting, ...
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The Sun at 11am 26/01/2013.

There are three active regions officially recorded, but there is one other interesting one near the North Pole. There are two sunspots in AR 1662 and AR 1660. Numerous prominences are visible around the limb and there are several broad filaments within the disc.


This is a pastel sketch of the prominence at the South Pole with a little artistic licence.

26012013Prominence.jpg ...
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Sketch East Limb Proms January 12th 2012

Sketch East limb proms 93,000,000 miles away from Bray Co Wicklow
January 12th 2012
10:50 UT - 10:15UT
PST 40 / 8mm TVP eyepiece /50 X
Pastel and Conte on black paper
Seeing good

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Sunspot 1339 November 7th 2011

Very large amount of spots on the solar disc today. Serious looking AR / Prom / Filament drama on the SE limb would have loved time to catch it in pastel.
Had just a little time slot to sketch the big one in pencil.
Attached Sunspot 1339 sketch
November 7th , 11:15 UT
200 mm dob FL 1,200 mm
14 mm Tele Vue Radion eyepiece 85X
Baddar Astro Solar Filter
Seeing - Wilson scale 3.5 ...
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Sun fun Part 2

Today there are two groups visible one, AR1199 is leaving the disc whilst the other. AR1203 is moving east.

In white light, there is faculae visible around the edge of our star. And surrounding AR1199 it is very prominent at x24.

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Sun: 17.10.10-08.51am

The sun at 08:51 is very active, with two spot groups visible. Here is a drawing I made through my Baader filtered Nikon RA66 spotting scope using x32 magnification. The sky is very transparent but the seeing, as you would expect is not so good. I made it no2 on the Mt Wilson seeing scale.

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Here is a drawing I made of Jupiter. The sky's in Cheshire cleared shortly after 21:30bst, and by 22:30 there was know cloud. But it was very damp, and very clear. Transparency was excellent, 1 on my scale of 1 to 3. NGC884-869 were very clear with my unaided eye.

But with such good transparency the seeing for planets wasn't that hot. Ant III/IV so I was restricted to using low power x160 with my ...
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imaging problem

I am new to imaging and at present using a Philips SPC 900 webcam. The supplied software does not capture an AVI but I am using craterlet capture which does. When I view the moon throught my laptop I see an almost full screen view which doesn't appear pixalated. When I run the video I have taken the result is the same. However, when I process the video throught Registax, the end image is postage ...
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Sun Fun ('.')

Sun at last soak it up! The large facula looks even bigger than before, I can see two Sunspots using the pst and solar film, there may be another one. A large filament is within the facula. A smaller facula is close to the North East limb with two filaments inside it and two nearby. On the adjacent limb is a long thin prominence. Three broad filaments are found near the North West limb and ...
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