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3D Mars from last year.

I've been playing around with a piece of software that creates cross-eye 3D images. This Mars from last year worked very well. Done with the Mak 127 and the humble spc900 webcam. :) Showing the north polar cap, Mare Acidalium and Mare Erythraeum in the south. Ice crystal clouds are also evident. :)


For anyone interested, here is ...
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Solar selection - 11 July

I'm beginning to get the hang of using the C8 at full aperture. I'm quite pleased with the following images of the major active regions and a close up of the photosphere showing the granulation. The camera was the QHY IMG132E, which does seem to be giving better results than the DMK31.





Next, the calciums..



The Ha disc.


Southern prominence close up.


Two more prominences, one negative: ...
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Full disc 6th July / AR 1785

Here are some images taken bright and early this morning, seeing dropped off very quickly so though I have a few more these are the best of bunch.

First the full disc, two image mosaic taken on my ST-80.


The second is a close up AR 1785 taken on by C6-SGT, colored and crfopped version as well as the full frame white light version.



Pretty pleased with the last two.

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Sun from the 29th June

Some clear sky has allowed me to try out my new continuum filter, this is the result after an initial process - still playing with the processing and what to do with the nice green image.

This is a mosaic of two images shot on my ST80 with the QHY5L-II, 500 frames processed in PIPP to 125 best frames fed into AS!2 and the 36 stacked, join and color processing in PS.


Full size ...
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Solar selection - 27 June

Well flaming June indeed! All we seem to have had, when it's not been raining, are warm extremely humid and cloudy days. Rather like Venus before it went to pot! :( Finally got a long enough spell yesterday afternoon to grab some shots. As usual it's with the ST102 and Lunt module for the CaK (close up is with the ED80), the PSTDS for the Ha. Camera ...
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Sun from te 25th May

Here is the best image I have manged so far of the Sun.

White light image taken with a Skywatcher ST-80 on my CG-5, about 750/1000 frames on a QHY5L-II

Preprocessed with PIPP and stacked/processed in Registax 6 and coloured up in PS Elements.


Can't quiet get a full disk with setup but was suprised how good the ST-80 is, only picked it up to use as guide scope in the furture.

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Saturn from May 26th 13 / 7th June 13


Just starting out on the imaging front, this an image I took on 26th May.

Celestron C6 SGT / CG-5

1000 Frames sorted in PIPP and stacked/processed in Registax 6 and finial tidy in PS Elements.


I actually stacked all 1000 frames here so maybe can be improved by just taking the best 80% or so.

I had tried a few times before but focus seemed to be my issue, spent a ...
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M27 combined data


2 hrs UHC data from 26May13 + 40 mins of Lum from 01Jun13
SW200p, ATIK16ic osc, Baader UHC-S & Astronomik CLS
UHC data processed by JulianJR in Neb3 combined with CLS data processed in DSS and stuck together in CS2
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Crab nebula.

Taken on a Nexstar Alt-az mount with the ED80 and 0.5 focal reducer (needed to reduce exposure times). 40x30 sec exposures using the Atik Titan. The lovely dark skies of Caithness are a real bonus. :)

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M27 1/6/13

This is a work in process really as I will be adding more data which I'm hoping to do tonight at a dark site where I go to image as it's hopeless trying to do anything apart from planetary imaging at home.

So far I've managed to get 33 unguided subs at 90 seconds using my 200P & unmodified Canon DSLR I combined the lights with 20 darks in Deep Sky Stacker & tweaked in ...
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