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Expansion or Acceleration

From the last Sky at Night programme....

I am not a scientist but thought this should be considered - this is not a debate for me, just some ideas ' out of the box'.

1. Should we be treating the Hubble constant as a constant at all? By assuming the universe were to be accelerating in its rate of expansion would explain potentially the difference in the measured results using the different methods. In other ...
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Stargazing with the National Trust!!!

The other night I went to a star party hosted by the National Trust at Tyntesfield near Bristol and capably oganised by Bristol Astronomical Society.
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Jewel in the Dog's collar.

This is an image of Messier 41 in Canis Major. It is a large cluster of stars, slightly bigger than a moon's width across with lots of interesting outlying stars. This is why I used the guidescope. There are just 10 x 15sec exposures. In the telescope some of the brighter stars have an orange hue. The cluster through the telescope looks to me bit like an 'asterix' (*). Neither of these really come through ...
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Dark sky observing session

We took the advantage of a clear night, no moon and a non work day following to travel about 80 minutes into North Wales to do some observing last night.

We'd been recommended the car park above the Alwen Reservoir dam as a good observing spot, but it's off the main road and the last slope down to it was a bit too covered with snow and ice to risk getting caught at the bottom. ...
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Who saw the conjunction on Monday? The trio rose over Grain Power Station from my perspective but unfortunately they had a major fire that morning and there was a column of thick smoke rising right in front of of the Moon! I stopped on the way to work and had a good look though.
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January Report

Quite typically January was marred by manflu and cloudy nights but I had one of my most active Januarys. Had I succeeded with some of my more ambitious projects, it would have been memorable.

Here's the full report: https://sungazer127mak.blogspot.com/2019/01/january-2019.html

The video is my photos for the month accompanied by "One and One" by the underrated Medicine Head:

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Hi all..

Hi all I am Jilly, 45, and just getting into photography and especially night sky scenes, took a couple of which I am pleased with, posted my first moon pic on here, not half as good as the ones I have already looked at on here, but hoping to get some nice crisp clear nights where I can get some good photos of star Constellations, well that's a little bit about me.
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The Crab Nebula

I've never found the Crab Nebula a easy object either find, view or photograph. Modern GOTO telescopes make it easy to find, but viewing it needs some degree of dark sky. Photographing needs long exposures, and even then the contrast with the sky isn't great.

On 28th Janaury, after the local stables decided to switch off their floodlights, (abt 9pm!) I gave it another go. A short in the mount power lead was my first ...
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I only took 12 frames before it clouded over but I caught the whole constellation in one set of shots:

https://www.flickr.com/photos/philippug ... ed-public/
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Re: EQ6 pro mount assistance please

Hi, Can any one advise me as to why the Az and Alt T bolts seem to only operate one way, that is, when i slacken one off to use the corresponding T Bolt it moves one direction but i can not get it to move in the other direction; NEQ6 was purchased with a Sky Watcher 300PDS GOTO last October 2018 from Rother Valley Optical, hope for some advice please.........

Best regards and thanks, ...
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