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Neptune and Triton

Neptune is an 8th magnitude object, and Triton is 13th magnitude. Neptune, although large, because of its distance is only about 1/10th the diameter of Mars at its best. Neptune is fun to observe, as it is clearly a disk, and has a distinctive blue colour. Triton is never very far from Neptune, and can be seen with a 6 inch telescope in good conditions. A larger telescope is better.
This photo is a bit ...
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M13 with a trail

Hi all I took M13 the hercules cluster last week and managed to pick up a satelite trail in the first image.Then I stacked 30 images using deepskystacker at 10 seconds each,I used my skywatcher 80ed refractor with a 0.8 reducer.I used a gpcam290c camera for the images.Thanks for looking.

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m31 Andromeda galaxy

Hi all I had a first attempt with my 290c camera using my skywatcher ed80 refractor and managed to get 11 seconds on each image of 41.This is what I finished after 3 hours of editing using cs2 photoshop,I thought I would share,thanks for looking.

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Not Just the 'Apple Core' (M27)

On 12th September, the sky was particularly clear with none of that haze which has been hanging around for so long. I spent a few hours looking at various targets, which included M27 or sometimes known as the Dumbbell Nebula. It is a large looking planetary nebula, which is a cloud of gas blown off by a central star. M27 tends to have the appearence of an 'apple core', which is the brighter dust streaming ...
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Summer is Over

Woke up this morning to a very clear sky. Orion, Hyades and Pleiades were high in the sky like old friends not seen for a while! Looks like autumn is on its way.
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Can I plug my book?? DARK:The AtoZ Of Astronomy & The Cosmos

Hello everyone,

I hope you don't mind me posting here to shamelessly plug and try to drum up some support for my book?

If it's any consolation, this project definitely isn't with the expectation of long-term financial gain... this is definitely somewhat of a labour of love!

My book DARK: The A to Z OF Astronomy & The Cosmos is hopefully to be published with UNBOUND - who are fantastic but involved achieving a number ...
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Prime Focus

Just been experimenting with the new telescope and the camera. This is a shot of an ariel cable junction box on a chimney on a house 200m down the street. The camera is a Sony A300 DSLR and I was never able to get it to focus on the Dobsonium but it seems much more at home on the SCT.

At first the camera was on the A setting and it wouldn't take a picture ...
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August was poor for the Moon and planets, for me, but great for meteors.

Full report: http://sungazer127mak.blogspot.com/2018 ... -2018.html

Monthly summaries: http://www.philippughastronomer.com/201 ... ective.pdf

Video of photos with Nobody's Fault but mine by Led Zeppelin:

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Trouble viewing anything other than the moon

I have only recently got my first telescope so I may somewhere be making a easy mistake but I thought it would be best to ask I have gotten some great days looking at the moon it looks amazing but when I look at something say mars I can see the support and a black spot in the centre I know that my eyepiece is focused I am using an Orion SpaceProbe 130ST Equatorial Reflector ...
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Starry Nights 7 SE for Windows 10

Firstly, sorry to hog this forum with my silly questions, but the advice I'm receiving is so helpful to a new hobbyist such as myself. :D

I was very happy to find a Starry Nights 7 Celestron SE software download link and pw came as a free add on to the Celestron Astro Fi 130 telescope I recently bought. This should allow me to control ...
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