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Being An Astronomer

The first edition has been reduced on Kindle, while I have started writing the second one:
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M76 - the 'Little Apple Core'

With a name like 'Little Dumbbell' or 'Little Apple Core', I expected M76 to be smaller, but just as bright as its big brother, the planetary nebula, M27. Actually, it is not a bright object at all, and very much smaller. It is only 10th magnitude, which makes it hard to spot in a telescope. With the ISO set to 6400, a 30sec exposure give a very faint green rectangle with a blob of red ...
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Surely the gravity of the moon is something impossible made

Surely the gravity of the moon is something impossible made possible...

M2 Global cluster

Hi all I took images of m2 global cluster and I stacked in deepskystacker,processed in adobe photoshop cs2.Thanks for looking.

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Advice Please

I know this is asked all the time, so apologies in advance

I was interested in astronomy from a young age, and around 10 years ago I bought a pair of 20x80 binos to wet my appetite. I got a good understanding of the night sky and could easily find specific galaxies and areas of interest

Fast forward to now, with a bit more cash in my back pocket I'm looking to get in to ...
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Mars with rings

Hey all, I have this handheld telescope (the one that pirates were depicted to have) and I decided to look at the orange light in the sky which turned out to be a planet!

The image was super blurry but I could see a beige circle with a ‘wide’ ring surrounding it tilted from North east to south west (top to bottom). I initially assumed that this was Saturn because of the ring but then ...
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I haven't written the summary yet and I'm not 100% sure where I will post it (website closing). Here's the finished report now I've done the processing and blogging:
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Greenwich Royal Observatory Podcast

Does anyone here listen to the Greenwich Royal Observatory podcast? ... tober-2018

It has some interesting stuff this month. Dhara (not Ó Briain) giving us an update on the habitability of Proxima Centauri b and Greg (not Smye-Rumsby) tells us about the brand new planet-hunter TESS which has already found its first planet! Then, most importantly, a thing about the Vulcan home world!
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Best power pack for EQ6 mount please

Can any one please give me advice on which is the best power pack and leads to for the EQ6 mount, as, the one listed bt Rother Valley Optics is by definition due to being a trade name, a lot more money, so any alternatives that will be suitable and reliable overall please...........

Many grateful thanks and best regards to all.............Tom.......aka....McKinnell :) ...
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