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Looking for an observation site


I am quite new to astronomy I have done some observing from my back garden but most of the sky is blocked out the house and as the local council has put in new lights LED bright ones too it is getting very difficult to see anything.

So I am looking for a site away from the house. What is the best way of finding a site and does any one know any good ...
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What did I just see?

Hi All,

I often watch the sky at night and have not seen anything like this before. It was 4:04am today, for reference I'm located just south of Cambridge uk. I was watch the stars very clear and cold night and there was a star located between Vega and Etamin, it was about the same brightness as Vega so quite noticeable, it was there for around 40 seconds to a minute without moving, then it ...
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Loosing the this of Sir Patrick


I am concerned that TSAN is loosing its roots and becoming overly engulfed as the playground for promoting equipment and cameras. If you want to become a photographers magazine then change the mag name and allow the rest of us to move onto what SPM meant the programme to be i.e accessible for anyone interested in the night sky.

The idea that some person on a normal wage can finance camera equipment kicking in ...
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Classic Sky at Night Programmes

Just a quick request

I'd be very happy to see more classic "Sky at Night" programmes on the cover CD.

They are interesting and nostalgic on so many levels, covering as they do, historic moments in astronomy and space research and for showing how our knowledge of the cosmos is evolving. It's also a pleasure to see the boundless energy and enthusiasm of Sir Patrick in his prime.
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Hello, i am here new
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I watched a star disappear

Last night, 10/22/18, in New Hampshire, around 9:30 pm I think I saw a star dissapear. I dont know which direction I was looking, but the moon was diagonally to my left and forward if that makes sense. The star was directly forward. There were some clouds in the sky but there was a big open circle with this star in the middle. I started saying that classic "star light star bright" rhyme and I ...
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Strange sight over Scotland

Hi folks, I'd be grateful for any suggestions about an occurence that I have pondered for decades.

Back in the mid 80s whilst camping at a place called King's Cross on the Isle of Arran, Scotland. Something caught my eye in the clear night sky: looking due west I saw what appeared to be a single star moving oddly, it darted very quickly from point-to-point in the pattern of a 'small' square, I called to ...
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i have a question about Astronomy

Hi all,
What I know about Astronomy is the same as my beloved Spurs know about holding on to two goal leads, but this month's article on the possibility of running water on Mars was as exciting as it gets.
If it were true then even as a novice a million and one thoughts spring to mind or was it the result of a slight shift of rock that allowed a lighter substance to appear? ...
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Manned Mission to Mars

I realise this isn't exactly to do with the Night Sky but I was wondering if anyone could give me some benefits from a Manned Mission to Mars for a school project and if possible provide some sources as evidence. Thank you for any help!
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Exoplanet Excursions - August 2018

Is anyone else a fan of Jon Culshaw's Exoplanet Excursions in the magazine? This month he visits a three star system and lands on a moon orbiting a gas giant. As always, it's a brilliant fusion of fact and the contents of Jon's imagination! The moon of HD131399Ab appears to be a tricky place to leave, lucky the Perihelion's interdimensional propulsion regulators held up!
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